Solving regulatory fund documentation headaches for asset managers with cutting-edge technology.

Regulatory requirements, fund distribution across jurisdictions, increased product complexity, multiple stakeholders editing documents … these are some of the challenges that create additional risks of errors and add to the complexity of document production. FundD, the software we've developed, significantly improves the accuracy, efficiency and traceability of production, translation and electronic distribution from the usual more cumbersome and potentially inaccurate manual update. Instead of using MS Word or Excel datasheets to assemble their fund documents, our clients benefit from a central location where they can maintain fund data, both static and dynamic, generate their documents, manage translation requests and disseminate to dedicated recipients – all within a few clicks. Consistent fund data, streamlined translation processes and updates across all sets of documents required for regulatory compliance are easily managed in a collaborative web-based environment. Our clients retain the control in-house and their time-to-publish is significantly shorter. The error risks are drastically decreased and costs reduced. We believe that our clients should be able to focus on marketing the appropriate products to the right investors, while we automate the production of their KIID (Key Investor Information Document), PRIIPs (Packaged Retail Insurance-based Investment Products) KID or fund prospectus and make their fund documentation management effortless.