StockViews is a marketplace that connects fund managers with independent equity analysts.

Oct 18, 2017
Full time
StockViews London, United Kingdom
Design ties together everything we do at StockViews. The role of an Interaction Designer is to work closely with our founders, and to bring their vision to life by delivering beautiful, refined and – dare we say – “magical” experience to every user. Our clients include some of the largest hedge funds and asset management firms in London who collectively manage multi-billion dollar portfolios. Our design philosophy aligns with that of Google’s: "Focus on the user and all else will follow." We are incredibly passionate about the asset management industry, and we want you to join our team to work alongside some of the top executives in the industry. Preferred qualifications: 1. Degree in Design, HCI, CS, or a related field or equivalent work experience. 2. Experience in crafting usable interfaces. 3. Excellent leadership, communication and collaboration skills. 4. Demonstrated ability to work in an agile environment, contributing and debating ideas within a multi-disciplinary...