SurePay makes online marketplaces safe by guaranteeing that buyers and sellers always receive their money or product.

Yearly more than 3.3 % of the Dutch population above the age of 15 gets scammed during online/offline transactions. Buyers often pay for a (used) product and never receive it from the seller. Less occurs that the seller sends the product and never receives the payment. There is a lot of tension between buyers and sellers and this often creates a situation where nobody wants to go first within the transaction. SurePay guarantees that buyers and sellers always receive their products and money by acting as ‘the man in the middle’. Consumers create an online payment link via and the money is wired from the buyer to our secure SurePay bank account. After SurePay has received the money the seller gets notified to send the product to a safe SurePay location. SurePay checks if the product is as advertised and forwards the product to the buyer. After the buyer signs for receipt SurePay transfers the money to the seller.