Swascan is the first all-in-one Cloud Security Suite Platform.

SWASCAN verifies the reliability of web sites, web applications, mobile app and the safety and quality of the applications source code as well as the strength of your own network. The power and efficiency of Cloud technology is enhanced by a unique platform with a SaaS model, through different integrated and advanced tools. Three main products: – Web Application Scan – Network Scan – Code Review (It supports 24 languages) SWASCAN key products aim to test and verify the weaknesses of third-parties applications, preventing data-loss, and analyze the quality standards of company’s network security, its compliance, internal policies and procedures, overall quality and the security of source code. SWASCAN also offers other features that complete the Suite and make it an ideal solution for the full risk management activity. All-in-one SaaS that offers to its users: – Flexibility – Cost cutting – Scalability – Accessibility – Background to audit – Compliance to regulation and OWASP best practises