Swanest is a team of financial technology entrepreneurs with the aim to put back the people at the heart of financial services. We believe the traditional financial industry should be reinvented (bankers may push products, investment advisors may be expensive or not accessible and traditional brokerage services may remain complex). We believe the time has come to design an investment solution that serves the needs of the people: simple to control, intelligent in its behaviour and transparent. Our team brings together a broad set of knowledge in the fields of software engineering, investment management and algorithmics. All capabilities that we use to challenge the status quo.

Swanest Brussels, Belgium
Aug 01, 2017
Full time
Your Job You are among the key people at Swanest responsible of building the front- and the back-end, You have a broad understanding about computer science and are able to lead a team of 3 - 5 developers. As you are familiar with project management, you know how to plan for upcoming activities and are able to apply Agile techniques to be capable of moving fast. Besides supervising & challenging the develop­ment team, you are involved in the IT security of the system and the scalability of it. You will further shape the vision and the service of Swa.nest. As you will be working closely together with the founders, your voice counts and will impact the management of the company and the evolution of the product. Your Profile Through your previous work, you have obtained substantial skills in the field of computer science and: You learn quickly Learning a new programming language is damn easy You know how to scale a system in a cost-effective way You know how to make your development team achieve their goals You know about Dev-Ops You know how to make a system secure You know how to build a micro-services architecture You can guide your team to make their code clean, tested and ready for the next evolution - You easily spec a system You are a team-player motivated to work for a startup. You possess an entrepreneurial spirit and are will­ing to do what is needed to succeed. You like to share with the developer community and want to improve exiting OpenSource projects. What Do We Use You might be interested in knowing what we use and will be asked to be a holy guide through them and their evolution: Virtualization JavaScript on the FE and the I3C Git CLI tools Postgres, Mango Linux, Mac Mathematical algorithms VPN SIP Messaging Brokers like Rabbit MC Micro-services architecture Event driven system Our Offer You will be known to belong to a group of selected people that have redefine the way we interact with our finances. Besides working with a brilliant team, you will be competitively remunerated and enjoy working in an exciting and fun environment. Additional benefits can be discussed on a case-to-case basis and depend on your personal needs. Practical Information Location: Brussels, Belgium
Swanest Brussels, Belgium
Jun 30, 2017
Your Job You will join a growing startup at an exciting moment and be able to unleash your potential as digital mar­keter. You will be working with a young and dynamic team of 5 -10 people and experience how to launch a business in the world of financial technology. Thereby, you will not only engage in latest digital marketing activities, but be able to participate in the over­all discussion on how to move Swanest to its next level. Your Profile You are an aspiring digital marketer who gained a good understanding of your professional field throughout your studies, personal activities or pre­vious job. You know that working in an institution will not allow you to unfold your full potential and that you want to join a startup to acquire latest un­derstanding on how to make businesses grow. Following competencies are familiar to you and you have the desire to excel in some of them in the future: Public relations Social media management Competitor analysis Content marketing Search engine optimisation (SE0) You are a team-player motivated to work for a startup in a fast-moving environment. You pos­sess an entrepreneurial spirit and are willing to do what is needed to succeed. Moreover, you are good in written and spoken English and possess a basic understanding of investing. Our Offer You will be known to belong to a group of selected people that have redefine the way we interact with our finances. We will not be able to pay you a salary, but can cover some of your expenses relat- ed to the internship. This amount would depend on the length of your stay and your previ­ous pro- fessional experiences. Practical Information Location: Brussels, Belgium Length: 3 - 6 months