The Hub

Private platforms connecting leading investment networks through technology, globally

THE HUB provides white label private platforms for professional investment networks and financial institutions. Using state of the art technology with a network focus, we enable our clients to scale their own operations and connect to deals or capital beyond their own network. Our cloud infrastructure aims to set the standard as the operating system for private placements. Our modular architecture is highly scalable, delivered to provide the best combination of tools and services to execute private transactions professionally. Powering leading investment networks, from the early stage networks such as Founders Factory to the late stage networks like ELITE of the London Stock Exchange Group, THE HUB enables a standardised and automated approach to alternative asset investing. As a network of networks, we effectively connect professional investors to new opportunities, within their organisation and with other leading networks using our tech. Our infrastructure allows networks to share or accept these syndicated deals whilst maintaining full control and privacy. As an independent, unbiased infrastructure provider, we never originate deals ourselves. Rather, we work closely with partners to help curate and structure opportunities so that every syndicated deal meets the same high standards