Building a global trust provisioning network using distributed ledger technology

Starting with KYC on blockchain, Tradle is building a global trust provisioning network to give retail, SME and institutional customers of financial institutions faster access to capital and risk allocation. Tradle facilitates verifiable data exchange with the blockchain integration, off-chain connectivity, data management and user interface capabilities that help bridge internal and external financial networks. Specifically it’s customer-controlled auditable data portability allows to safely cross product, divisional and jurisdictional walls in the company and bridge between companies and government agencies. Customer gains a panoramic view of their relationships on the market, which is achieved without the help of any data brokers, identity providers, marketplaces or other intermediaries. Tradle offers the Enterprise-grade product capabilities. It’s omni-channel interface is featuring mobile, web, in-office and certified third-party interactivity options. Tradle's app development and data modeling platform allows it to provide adaptation to a wide range of financial products and regulatory requirements. Tradle’s Enterprise integration package is designed to automate customer, employee and supplier onboarding processes. Winner of KPMG Fintech Challenge, listed on Fintech50, Regtech100, participant in UK FCA Regulatory Sandbox and SG MAS Hackcelerator, McKinsey 'KYC innovator', Citigroup 'blockchain KYC company to watch