PayPerks drives behavior change for low– and middle–income consumers

PayPerks is a financial capability and engagement platform that leverages illustrated education and sweepstakes-based rewards to drive win-win outcomes for low– and middle–income (LMI) consumers and the financial institutions that serve them.

Unlike traditional rewards programs, our approach addresses the unique needs and preferences of this market segment to create behavior change that's positive for consumers and profitable for financial service providers.

Financial institutions can add PayPerks as a feature on their products and services, such as prepaid debit cards, to increase adoption, retention, desirable usage, customer self service and loyalty. Consumers trust PayPerks to deliver transparent and truthful advice that helps them minimize unnecessary fees, maximize convenience, and increase understanding.

PayPerks was named "the most promising new idea serving the Emerging Middle Class" by winning the CFSI Core Mega Challenge, a "Best Newcomer in Payments" by, the “Next Big Thing in Prepaid” at the Prepaid Expo, the “Company to Watch” by Paybefore and the “The Most Promising Idea for the Emerging Middle Class” at the Core Innovation Challenge.