Our mission is to reinvent the credit card to make it honest, safe, and more transparent, so you can achieve more peace of mind when managing your finances. Traditional credit cards from banks have clunky mobile experiences, unclear pricing, lots of fees, and a lack of features to keep balances and costs under control.

With Tymit you can experience financial flexibility and control like never before, all from your phone. Enjoy up to 42 days of interest-free financing.

Use the Tymit card abroad in more than 200 countries at the market exchange rate with no added fees. Spread the cost of any purchase in up to 24 months with fair and transparent pricing that you control; no tricks and no fees. Manage your spending smartly: track your spending by category and create monthly repayment plans for custom “buckets” of purchases (like a “Trip to Paris”). Be safe, Tymit comes with advanced fraud protection features so you are never liable for unauthorized transactions and merchant scams.