Bits of Stock B.V.

At Bits of Stock our purpose is to give wealth back to the least invested generations in history. Join us on a mission to turn the principal consumer generation into the principal invested generation. Our psychology towards finance can be summarized with one phrase “Wait Til I Get My Money Right”. More than 90% of Millennials say financial security is a top priority and 83% want to play an active role in their finances. But less than 30% of their wealth is invested in stocks while nearly 80% don’t invest at all, making Millennials the least invested generation in history. 

Tired of archaic and inefficient loyalty programs not living up to your expectations? Tired of accumulating points and miles that expire or are never enough? It is time to rethink rewards and loyalty. It is time to think about ownership mentality.  Fractional shares mean you are part owner of brands like Amazon, Google, Tesla for as little as $1. 

With any method of payment, you earn Bits of Stock™ on purchases with your favorite brands and build wealth that reflects your spending habits. Bits of Stock™ automatically rewards you with fractional shares of stock without the annoying activities of uploading a receipt or scanning a QR code each time you make a purchase. And btw, you get them for free.

At the same time, global brands spend $100 BNs annually on loyalty programs while 50% of that spend goes to waste - points are unused, miles are unredeemed, and personalization is lost. Brands can now build an emotional bond with their consumers through their biggest asset, metaphorically speaking - their equity. Ownership mentality is a win for consumers and a win for brands.

We are an Amsterdam based financial technology startup disrupting the loyalty and rewards space.  Founded in 2019, Bits of Stock graduated from Startupbootcamp, a leading global accelerator program, in Amsterdam by founders from New York City with backgrounds in Tech and Wall Street.