Equibit Group is the creator of Equibit, the world's first fully peer-to-peer capital network and a complete system for issuers to manage their investor relations without the need for depositories and transfer agents.

Equibit allows issuers to authorize and disseminate their securities. It also includes a secure, P2P communications system allowing for private messages and polls to be instantly sent to individuals and groups on the network.

A public component of the communications system allows for the announcement of bid/ask type messages, in the same vein as an open outcry trading pit but on a global scale. Investors can designate and revoke proxy rights with a simple click of their mouse.

Equibit also includes trading passports, an ingenious way for issuers to control the transferability of their securities on the network. Issuers and investors can quickly join vetted communities on the network, gaining easy access to pools of capital and investment opportunities in an environment that maintains compliance over transfer restrictions, regardless of whether the issuer is online.

Equibit Group is also the creator of the world's first Supernode. A cryptocurrency node capable of transacting on both Bitcoin and Equibit and performing all cryptographic operations in hardware rather than software. It is certified FIPS 140-2 Level III compliant by NIST and the CSE, offering unrivaled security over private keys for enterprise.