Android Lead

  • iZettle
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Jul 28, 2017
Full time Information Technology

Job Description

The position will be responsible for ensuring the longevity and stability of the overall Android platform. Currently, some Android developer are part of a cross-functional product team that focuses on specific team features and deliverables and some working in the platform team. The Android Lead’s role is to take a strategic view of all initiatives and ensure that they support and scale in relation to company goals and strategies while also encouraging each developer to reach their full potential within their specific product teams.

We are looking for a:

  • Role model: someone who inspires by doing.
    • A proactive, problem solver who isn’t afraid to take responsibility and lead initiatives.
  • Manager: a strategic thinker who represents the Android Chapter within the organisation.
    • Someone who is capable of seeing the bigger picture and aligning the various projects across product teams.
    • A good communicator, able to clearly explain complex topics and projects to stakeholders and non-tech audiences.
    • Responsible for recruiting and signing new Android developers together with our tech recruitment team.
    • Someone who encourages and motivates their team – mentoring chapter members in their development.
  • Android Developer: a professional who isn’t afraid to work hands on when needed.
    • Someone whose focus is the long-term stability and maintainability of the platform.
    • A leader, but someone who also enjoys hands on programming.
    • Someone who sees the benefits of open sourcing our code, but also contributing to existing open source projects
  • Budget owner
    • Responsible for keeping track of each Android developer’s educational budget.
    • Set salaries for each member of the Chapter team

Together with the other Leads, the deputy CTO and the CTO you’re responsible for the Tech Department as a whole. Making sure all Chapters work in tandem and of course, make this the best place to work at.