Support Engineer

  • Stripe
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Jul 28, 2017
Full time Customer Service Developer Information Technology

Job Description

You’ll primarily communicate with external developers through email and IRC to solve problems, help Stripe users build cool things, and debug code of all kinds. You’ll also work with other internal engineering teams to identify bugs and find ways to help improve Stripe.

You Will:

  • Become a technical expert on the Stripe platform.
  • Work with developers and other Stripes to solve problems and debug code.
  • Develop tools, processes, and documentation to scale Stripe’s operations.

You’d be great if:

  • You’re proficient at writing code in a few different languages and enjoy learning new languages and technologies.
  • You’re a thoughtful, patient, and friendly communicator who enjoys writing.
  • You have prior experience as a software engineer or significant experience building web or mobile apps.
  • You’re able to work with a high degree of autonomy and limited supervision.
  • You’re able to travel 2-3 times a year.

We’re a small, highly distributed team and we’re looking for candidates who are able to learn quickly and think creatively. The ideal candidate would have a strong background working with some of the languages we interact with most often (Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Node.js, Java) and have some interest in writing and communicating with technical and non-technical audiences alike.


Please include in your email a resume and a list of languages you feel comfortable working with (both technical and human!). In addition, we’d love to see whatever other examples of work you feel comfortable sharing. This might be something online, like a code repository or a blog post, or something unpublished, like an email to colleagues or a personal project you’d be willing to share. Whatever form it takes, we’d love to see an example of your creative and technical work.