Back-end Technical Trainer

  • Backbase
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Jul 11, 2017
Full time Developer Information Technology JAVA

Job Description

Do you want to become a member of the youngest team within our fast expanding company?

Backbase has been growing incredibly fast in the fintech market, more people use our platform and the demand for expert training is increasing.

You have done your fair share of programming and your ambitions have grown beyond your coding skills. The next career step is to share your knowledge and enable fellow developers all over the world to become power users of the Backbase framework.

If you value classroom dynamics just as much as after-work socialising and travelling abroad, this could be your dream job. You’re the ambassador of the product, course developer and blogger on best practices. As an Academy Trainer, your role exceeds the job title. 

What will you be doing?
You really want people to understand the product, and therefore you truly adapt to your audience wherever you are and whoever is in front of you. You will travel a lot, and you will partake in multiple training sessions on-site or at home. The curriculum of the course is in constant evolution, and together with your team members you develop and adjust the training programme. And don’t worry, you do get to code as well. 

In this unique position, where you drive the enthusiasm to work with the Backbase platform among developers, you amaze with your technical skills as much as your talent for social empowerment. You know your course schedule, but it will never run the same way twice. New hires, technical departments of banks, and teams of developers at partner side are your trainees. It’s up to you to establish a connection the moment you walk through the door. Upon leaving the classroom, everyone is equipped and inspired to become premium product users.

Who are you? 

  • We won’t have to tell you anything about Java, Spring, Maven and web services (REST/SOAP), because your expert knowledge is up to date.
  • You Mastered in IT.
  • A can-do mentality is of more importance than many years of experience.
  • You think and act like an entrepreneur; experience in running your own business will be a plus.
  • You have the courage to learn, and to share your learning process with us.
  • You’re a natural presenter, or willing to learn how to give jaw-dropping presentations.

We will be extra delighted if you have experience with:

  • Apache Camel, Spring Security, CMIS, micro services, Spring Boot.

Why Backbase?

Whether or not you’ve heard of us, you and your friends have probably used some of the products we’ve created. Backbase accelerates the transformation of digital banking. From being a Dutch startup company five years ago, we are now an international market leader. Despite having a leading market position, we haven’t lost our startup mentality and we’re not done innovating just yet. Working in teams with highly talented and skilled professionals from all over the world, we share a drive to make things better, nicer, and more advanced. More than 400 specialists dedicate themselves to what we do best, which is transforming global financial services with inspiring, innovative solutions. At Backbase, we love to create outstanding experiences, not just for our customers and users, but for ourselves, and this is what motivates us to transform our industry by delivering our best work.