AWS Serverless Guru

  • Blanco
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Jul 12, 2017
Full time Information Technology

Job Description

We develop innovative solutions for Wealth & Asset Managers. One of our most important IT strategy principles is ‘We do not want to own servers, not physical, not virtual’. That is why we choose to fully adopt the serverless architecture. But to be able to successfully execute our ambition we need a highly skilled colleague with experience in the AWS Serverless stack.

Are you following every news item, blog post or tweet about #serverless? Have you deployed a microservices solution (or pet project) on AWS and do you want to use your skills to develop new technology solutions for the Wealth and Asset Management industry. We would love to welcome you on board at blanco!

Ofcourse we need you to fully master node.js, because that is what we use to deploy our Lambda functions. But you are a wizard right? And you love callbacks. We use the full AWS Serverless stack (and even more) so we hope you will be comfortable using the API Gateway and configure the endpoints with correct methods, query params, header forwards etc. Since we work with personal and financial data we need top-notch security so why not use API keys while we are at it.

If you master this trick you probably also master NoSQL and DynamoDB does not have many secrets for you

To manage our users we use AWS’s Cognito User Pools and Identity Pools to secure the API with temporary IAM credentials and permissions. If you have not yet worked with Cognito, this might be a good start.

As our project grows deployment becomes more important. You do not want to deploy all Lambda functions manually and define the endpoints one-by-one. that is why we want you to get introduced to the Serverless Framework. A set of tools to make deployments easier.

Oh, and we want you to have some experience and knowledge on automatic integration and continuous deployment as well because that is just good development practice. We did say we need a Guru.

Skills Needed







At Blanco you will work in a motivating start-up environment with an open and transparent culture. Our team exists of highly experienced, passionate professionals with a career history in large financial institutions, strategy consultancy firms and other start-ups.

We offer you the opportunity to co-build an innovative FinTech company. You are enabled to work autonomously in a flexible environment in whatever way makes you most effective. Blanco offers you a steep learning curve with a lot of responsibility and freedom at the same time, and we give you space for your personal development and growth. Results matter, not task execution or face time. You will work on your own blanco Macbook in our inspiring office in Spaces Zuidas (Amsterdam) or Spaces Hofplein (Rotterdam) with lots of cool places to work and relax!

Do you want to be part of a team of experienced self-starters with a high intrinsic motivation and drive? Please send your information (in Dutch or English)