iOS Jedi

  • Blanco
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Jul 12, 2017
Full time Design Developer

Job Description

We develop innovative solutions for Wealth & Asset Managers. We believe that a great frontend makes a great solution. We see multiple channels in our product and of them is mobile. We are building an iPad application as part of our platform and will be supporting end-client mobile solutions in the future. For now we have full focus on iOS (Android maybe later) and we need to extend our team with an iOS specialist.

Are you one of the pioneers who build his killer app at the age of 14? We need an iOS Jedi who can use the force of Swift to build the best mobile applications bringin all the features in our platform in the hands of our customers.

Our Xcode screens are filled with Swift3 code, but we might have an objective-c framework or two imported in our code base as well. You need to be a seasoned iOS developer who fully migrated his code-base skills to Swift3. Objective-c writing is not that important but being able to understand is.

The business-2-business application is connected to our own RESTFul API and third party services so you are a master in connecting to API’s and serializing and deserializing JSON objects and classes. You are familiar with the use of mainstream frameworks and know your dealing with handling the dependencies with cocoapods.

You know best practices on UI/UX on mobile devices by heart and have a creative mind in designing flows and screens. We expect clean readable and maintainable code. You could definitely teach us with your experience in versioning and backwards compatibility with API’s. We need automated tests and integration with our consinuous integration and deployments strategies.

Skills Needed






At Blanco you will work in a motivating start-up environment with an open and transparent culture. Our team exists of highly experienced, passionate professionals with a career history in large financial institutions, strategy consultancy firms and other start-ups.

We offer you the opportunity to co-build an innovative FinTech company. You are enabled to work autonomously in a flexible environment in whatever way makes you most effective. Blanco offers you a steep learning curve with a lot of responsibility and freedom at the same time, and we give you space for your personal development and growth. Results matter, not task execution or face time. You will work on your own blanco Macbook in our inspiring office in Spaces Zuidas (Amsterdam) or Spaces Hofplein (Rotterdam) with lots of cool places to work and relax!

Do you want to be part of a team of experienced self-starters with a high intrinsic motivation and drive? Please send your information (in Dutch or English)