Product Marketing Director (China/USA)

  • China
  • Jul 12, 2017
Full time Product Manager

Job Description


Responsible for planning, defining, designing, implementing and promoting products of AI chips and systems;

  • Analyze the industrial situation, explore the industrial essence and focus on the application scenarios of products;
  • Collect demands of global customers and target potential customers for our product services;
  • Define forms and functions of product soft hardware; Work with the R&D team to make reasonable technical proposals and product architectures; Output complete documents of product demands, product schemes, product planning and others; Optimize and improve products continuously according to feedbacks;
  • Control the progress of product developments; Perfect procedures of product developments; Communicate with departments of R&D and business to assure the timely releases and iterations of products; 
  • Make strategies for product launching, pricing and selling;
  • Assist salespersons to complete product sales, follow key accounts and integrate resources to solve problems;
  • Arrange production quantities and schedules according to product cycles and sales situations;
  • Follow customer feedbacks and promote iterative developments.


Required Skills

 At least 8 years of experience in developing both software and hardware systems;

  • At least 3 years of working experience as the product manager for chip or system products;
  • Prior consideration will be given to the candidate with experience in developing application systems like image and speech recognition, advertisement push, signal processing, information systems integration etc.
  • At least 5 years of working experience in chip-product marketing; Prior consideration will be given to the candidate who has worked in product marketing for internationally well-known chip companies;
  • Possess work methodology for chip-product marketing;
  • Familiar with operating methods of chip marketing;
  • Participated in marketing operations of chip products massively produced more than tens of millions independently and systematically;
  • Must have background in chip design and able to communicate with both internal and external CTOs smoothly;
  • Prior consideration will be given to the candidate with experience or ideas in designing AI and high-performance computing chips;
  • Have solid theoretical foundations and wide ranges of knowledge; Have interdisciplinary and cross-technical marketing experience; Have comprehensive and systematic thinking abilities; 
  • Possess abilities of rigorous logical thinking, analysis of customer demands, mining potential customers and communication with customers; Have rich experience in product planning;
  • Strong language and expression abilities; Excellent spoken English;
  • Strong written abilities in both Chinese and English.