Trainee Data Science

  • CreditCheck
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Jul 16, 2017
Full time Data

Job Description

Fuzzy logic, artificial intelligence and a pragmatic approach? This super challenging stage we are looking for a smart data artist with a practical approach! 

Our organization is a rapidly growing and data driven business and active in banking, telecommunications, energy companies and SMEs.

You will intern for from the establishment Apeldoorn. We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated intern (e) which will focus on data science. With us you play as an intern no 'bit part', but do you really heavily involved in the team. Of course you will be rewarded for this, because with a contract of 40 hours you will receive 400 euro stipend per month! After an intensive induction program full of workshops and tours, pick up projects in the field of credit scoring with particularly nice data from social meda, open data and specific data of 7.3 million addresses in the Netherlands. You work with professionals who share their knowledge to share with you, so you get to know quickly in and out of this explosive growth market. No better way to kick start your career!


As a Trainee Data Science will work with colleagues from social credit rating team to improve our automated model. Specific data, such as collection records, social media activities and historical activities on a business play an important role in at Credit ratings generation of consumers is the core of our business, the better our credit scores, the better our business. Therefore, we ask you to develop self-learning algorithms that we can improve this information automatically. You will be working with intelligent (big) data analyzes and combines it with a large dose of computing power to bring about structural improvements. The team you will be working like a joke, but in collaboration with other departments, such as B & M and IT to the limit to deliver quality. Are you smart student in no time see how our social credit ratings can be further optimized? Then we are looking for you!

What are you going to do?

  • Identifying where problems lie; Do you analyze data from more than 7.3 million households.
  • Technical improvements nav think this data analysis.
  • Algorithms and write scripts to implement improvements.
  • run your algorithms, test and deploy until they prove themselves.
  • Credit information continuously improve and automated.


What do you take it?

  • A university degree in Computer Science / AI / Econometrics / Related technical study.
  • Creativity, analytical skills, resolving power and sharpness.
  • Independence, you are able to organize your own work.
  • Knowledge of and experience with fuzzy logic and / or big data analysis.
  • Knowledge of and experience with R-Project, Python, Pig Latin, Hive, Matlab or similar tools.