Franchisee SNS

  • De Volksbank
  • Heel, Netherlands
  • Jul 17, 2017
Full time Franchise Management

Job Description

About work
As a franchisee, you are responsible for one or more regions with at most three stores. You are an entrepreneur and you work yourself with the case. You have a passion for giving a complex and comprehensive advice you love direct customer contact. You build long-term relationships with existing and new customers. In addition, you make full quality for the customer, the duty of care and the regulators. 
As a franchisee of SNS you become self-employed. You are both legally and economically independent and responsible for your own business. You start a private company, the AFM license asks and becomes part of the SNS Franchise team. You will lead your own team of customer and financial advisors. They are in your employ and rely on your coaching and inspiring management style.

We ask

  • Minimum 3 years experience in providing financial advice, plus a college diploma or university degree or relevant experience at least 10 years without HBO / WO education
  • Minimum Bachelor degree
  • Demonstrated experience in building and maintaining customer portfolios
  • Managerial experience or abilities
  • Rounded WFT WFT Basic modules, WFT Mortgage Loan, WFT Power
  • Willing to achieve within one year (to request authorization) WFT life insurance home and business, WFT Income, WFT Consumer Credit (incl. PE and PE Plus News)
  • Living (near) the franchise area or willing to relocate to the area term
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit
  • Available capital of 25 000 euros 

As a franchisee you are an entrepreneur at heart. You are good at networking and have a very good business understanding. You are a commercial talent and driven to the customer the best possible service.

What you get from us? 
Our starting point is a financially sound business model for our franchisees, the bank and of course our customers. The SNS Franchise Model is not static, it is constantly changing. Although you as a franchisee operates its own expense and risk, you do not stand alone! SNS provides good support and close cooperation, in addition to the freedom of action within the framework of our franchise.

About the organization
SNS is the fourth bank in the Netherlands, or the smallest big bank. With around 2,700 employees, we are large enough to change anything in the sector. We are small enough to be decisive and very human. As a franchisee SNS you are not discreet cog in the big picture; You play a key role in delivering on the promise we make as a bank. If you think that something can or 'normal' needs: share your ideas and push the envelope. After all, it is our people who can bring innovation and break entrenched habits. By keeping each other up, to appreciate and to speak. And by doing normal. No matter with whom we interact. Our objective is to focus on SNS for approximately 2/3 with franchisees. 

Franchisee Stores SNS (national job) 
SNS we have no offices, but stores. 
SNS is going to do it differently and wants to be a recognizable another bank. We believe that banking can and should be a lot more normal. We want to offer comprehensive products with tangible benefits for the customer. And no bank language, but human language. We will restore banking surprisingly normal. 
SNS SNS has nearly 200 shops in the Netherlands. In these stores take more than 50 franchisees in their own local area since 2009. In our stores we offer customers the best of two worlds, namely just good advice and banking products of our own brand and complementary products from other suppliers. This gives our franchisees the opportunity to customers to always do the best offer.