Senior Cloud & DevOps Engineer

  • MinervaAI
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • May 13, 2021
Full time Developer

Job Description

MinervaAI is a financial crime-fighting platform with the mission of applying cutting-edge methods in artificial intelligence to empower investigators to perform accurate, audit-proof enhanced due diligence (  We are driven by industry experience in anti-money laundering and a passion for making real progress against financial crimes and driving innovation using academic methods in machine learning.   We are looking for a technical individual with a similar passion for what they do to help us in our journey to help stop the flow of illicit funds.

MinervaAI’s culture is built on saying what we mean, meaning what we say and being impeccable with our word. We are responsible for our words and actions and its impact on others. There is no room for disrespect and discrimination but infinite room for diversity and daring. We like our policies, processes and procedures tight and to the point. We always ask ‘what problem are we trying to solve before we create solutions. Our value is measured by the efficiency and efficacy with which our clients can identify and disrupt financial predators.

A successful candidate for the Cloud and DevOps Engineer role will direct the scaling of the MinervaAI cloud architecture as our customer base grows, boost efficiencies in networking and overall performance by completing our microservices migration and integrate seamless CI/CD processes for our rapidly moving development projects.  While not required to apply, you should possess the following skills to maximize your chances of success:

Ideal Hard Skills:

  • 7+ years of experience designing and implementing enterprise-scale cloud architectures, or equivalent verifiable real world deployment examples.
  • 5+ years of experience implementing and deploying CI/CD processes (may overlap with above), with some years spent at enterprise-scale firms, or equivalent verifiable portfolio and work examples.
  • Adept with server administration with Microsoft Azure (IAM, SSL, VM & Container setup, AKS).
  • Adept with Kubernetes, orchestration via kubectl as well as AKS.
  • Adept with Docker, writing of dockerfiles, building of docker images in a Ubuntu Linux environment and deployment to Kubernetes.
  • Adept with the design of automated server-side test processes, implementation of deployment checkpoints in CI/CD, and implementation and use of cloud error reporting platforms.
  • Familiarity with principles of cloud cybersecurity, encryption, and potential vulnerabilities in cloud networking
  • Familiarity with privacy and data compliance frameworks and relevant cloud controls (backup, access, data retention, data redundancy).
  • Familiarity with principles of microservices architectures.

Ideal Soft Skills:

  • Strong communication and conversational skills in English.
  • Detail-oriented: keen eye for potential vulnerabilities and unscalable features, meticulous “test before you deploy” strategy.
  • Eyes for efficiency: ability to think outside of the box to optimize for a cost/performance trade-off.
  • An enjoyment of new challenges; flexibility and ability to adapt to new, unforeseen situations.
  • A strong sense of pride and ownership in your work!

What you will learn on the job (but prior knowledge is a bonus):

  • Some principles of C++, Python, and NodeJS as required to understand and debug the server-side build process.
  • Principles of the C++ compilation process and compiler debugging.
  • Some principles of ReactJS, SASS, and Webpack as required to understand and debug the UI build process.
  • Utilization of GitOps to merge CICD with Kubernetes real-time deployment

MinervaAI is an equal opportunity employer: we take each and every application seriously and consider all applicants with the same level of care and attention.  We’re open-minded, and happy to consider highly motivated applicants missing some of the provided hard skills who can learn quickly and have a demonstrable track record of success.

We offer competitive compensation packages, starting with industry-standard annual salaries plus bonuses and employee stock options as additional incentives.  We believe strongly in ensuring that our team benefits together with the growth of the company, and will reward those who take these first steps with us to scale the company toward our larger vision.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Any other inquiries?  We're happy to answer your questions if you send them to us at