Market Adviser/Development Partner (US Market)

  • Atlant Ventures LLC
  • Remote
  • Dec 16, 2021
Freelance Business Development Consultant Finance New Business Research Strategy-Planning

Job Description

Job description: assisting in finding the owners of shares in companies from FinTech sector and other industries, at pre-IPO stage; help establish contacts with investment companies, VCs, and accelerators; locating new investment opportunities; tracking developing trends and analysing market, assistance in organising business processes and administrative solutions.

  1. Education and professional experience:
    1. At a minimum, a bachelor's degree, preferably in business, finance or computer science.
    2. At least 2 years of experience in financial sector, investment companies, electronic banks, fintech industry, companies developing artificial intelligence or Internet services.

  1. Required skills:
    1. Existing contacts in FinTech industry, investment companies. Ability to find and establish new contacts in similar sectors.
    2. Knowledge of and ability to assess investment opportunities, analysis of companies under consideration for investment (positives/negatives, financial forecasts, market prognosis).
    3. Know how to prepare market research reports, able to present explain information in meetings.
    4. Ability to work independently, driven interest in new ideas, motivated to find new answers to existing questions.

  1. Responsibilities:
    1. Establishing contacts, and conduct negotiations with potential companies/private shareholders
    2. Search for new investment opportunities (social platforms, secondary markets, private offerings, networking, etc.), and recruiting potential business partners
    3. Maintain contact database, and provide regular updates.
    4. Sector analysis of various industries, market research.
    5. Assistance in resolving administrative issues in the interests of the company.

  1. Experience in computer programs: Microsoft Office or analogues, PowerPoint/Canva or similar programs, Google Docs.