Know Your Customer employee

  • NIBC
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • Jul 27, 2017
Full time Management

Job Description

Job Description:


What is KYC?
‘Know Your Customer’ (also named as Customer Due Diligence) is a bank’s process of identification and verification of its clients, beneficial owners and associated parties.

Why would you want to work at our KYC Desk?

Nowadays one of the core activities of a financial institution is to execute adequate customer due diligence (or KYC) on its clients and counterparties. Managing CDD/KYC activities in compliance with a bank’s relevant applicable laws, regulations and standards is deemed by law makers, regulators, and the society at large as an important responsibility. NIBC acknowledges this responsibility, hence our Corporate Banking division has installed a KYC Desk that will support commercial staff in these activities. 

To strengthen the KYC team, NIBC is looking for young professional, who will be actively involved in assisting the sector teams with their KYC activities, will approve submitted files and provide for CDD advice, training and education, monitoring and reporting.

What will you do?

As a KYC Desk employee you are a full member of the KYC Desk seated in The Hague. You assume responsibility for:

  • (Co)-responsible for and coordinating CDD execution within NIBC Corporate Banking;
  • Approving KYC files for sector, client and product teams;
  • Delivering CDD advice to sector, client and product teams;
  • (co)-representing the BU Business Management towards other departments within NIBC and to third parties, f.e. regulators and other (external) parties;
  • Involvement in CDD reporting, monitoring and training and education; and
  • Involvement in other Business Management (related) activities and/or projects.


Who are we looking for?

People with:

  • Receptiveness of real concerns and/or issues out of the commercial teams (o.a. attaining of maximum efficiency in CDD process);
  • Being able to deal with peak load and work pressure;
  • No ‘9 till 5’ but ‘can do mentality’;
  • Possession of a ‘solid spine’ and being able to deliver push-back and deal with contravening interests;
  • Inquisitive mind-set;
  • Be able to work independently;
  • Team player; and
  • Analytical capability and attention to detail;
  • Our purpose is to make a difference at decisive moments for our clients. The inventiveness of our solutions often determines our ability to do this. And inventive ideas arise from diverse teams. We are therefore looking for people with different profiles and who want to contribute to the openness and inclusiveness of our culture. To increase our professionalism we also focus on giving each other continuous feedback. A high performance culture can only be sustained with talented individuals who are always ready to take the next step to grow.

What will you need?

  • Bachelor’s/HBO degree, or comparable educational level;
  • Any other (general) education deemed as beneficial;
  • Preferable full time availability.


What you will get?

NIBC is a relatively small bank with a very dynamic and informal culture. You will have a direct impact on both the bank and its clients. You will not work on a tiny piece of a huge complex puzzle within a big corporation, but see the direct impact of what you do in the firm and its customers. Being a talent in a smaller bank will give you substantial responsibilities, direct exposure to senior management and enable you to understand how the whole bank works. This is a unique opportunity in which you can best showcase your talents. Furthermore we nurture our entrepreneurial and inventive culture by providing modern flexible devises and working spaces. You can therefore work where and when you want which improves your performance and work-life balance.