Senior Front-End Developer

  • Riga, Latvia
  • Sep 16, 2017
Full time Developer

Job Description

Problem we Are solving

Insurance – we all need it, most people are confused by it and few really “get it”. Insurance products are hard to understand and don’t always seem to cover what you expect and on top of this buying insurance isn’t easy. In a world where we can get most things at the click of a button, buying insurance is usually still an offline or late-1990s-digital nightmare, with confusing forms and a horrible customer experience.

Existing legacy IT-systems make it hard for insurers to bring out new products quickly, to sell them in digital channels, to integrate 3rd party services and to test what works and what doesn’t, in a low cost way.

KASKO’s Solution?

We offer a digital insurance platform, which acts as a middle layer between insurers and the digital world. This makes it easy for insurers:

  • to create new insurance products
  • offering best-in-class digital customer journeys
  • connect to 3rd party APIs
  • build in a sandbox or fully integrated with existing systems

We can do this in a matter of weeks, rather than the traditional insurance speed of months or years.

KASKO’s platform empowers the multitrillion-dollar insurance industry to embark on the digital revolution that other industries have gone through already. It allows insurers to build better products for consumers and allows digital business of all types to work closer with insurers to deliver these products.

Who We Are?

We’re backed by some of the UK’s top investors incl. Seedcamp (TransferWise, PropertyPartner) and Chris Slater (Co-founder Simply Business, 500m exit).

We are currently expanding our awesome development team based out of Riga.

We also believe that you need to like and respect the people you work with and have some fun together. Thus, at least every quarter we will pick a European city, Airbnb and have some work but mostly fun. We’re a diverse team from England, UK, Germany, Holland, and Latvia with background in engineering, strategy consulting, enterprise sales, economics etc.

The Technology

We have a simple technology philosophy. Anything and everything should be automated.

The front end of our platform is currently built on JS Webapps. The backend is build entirely on a Microservices architecture.

These together allows us to easily deal with the multitude of complex and different workflows that could go into selling different insurance products in different places.

Currently we get things done with Angular.js, PHP, and AWS, however we don’t limit our selection to these technologies, we believe that a good engineer can rapidly pick up any technology.

The Job

We’re looking for a senior front end software engineer who’s keen to take on big projects from scratch and shape how this platform and company is built.

We’re happy for a full stack developer but front end skills are a must.

We want someone who is independent and capable of taking responsibility for large areas of delivery. You’ll have the opportunity to build things the way you want to from scratch.

Essential Skills:

  • Strong programming skills and a track record of getting projects done
  • A passion for building great software
  • In-depth knowledge and solid JavaScript development experience
  • Advanced knowledge of JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or React

Desirable skills:

  • Deep understanding of front-end optimization techniques and best practices
  • Experience in using automation and build tools (gulp, grunt, yeoman, webpack)
  • Experience with CSS frameworks such as SAAS and LESS
  • Experience with any of following: PHP, Golang, Node.js, Laravel

Bonus skills:

  • UI/UX skills
  • Experience in FinTech
  • Github profile you’re proud of


We believe our early-stage team members are essential to shaping this business. As such we can offer an attractive package of salary and equity (Equity Options based on experience and performance) as well as unlimited holiday policy where everyone takes responsibility for their own time off.

We recognise you want to learn more and progress, that’s why everyone at KASKO get’s a learning budget they can use for courses and conferences they want to attend.

We’re a small but growing team and everyone will have a voice of where this company goes. This is your opportunity to help shape a prospective early stage startup into something grand.