Software Engineer - Graduate Programme - January 2018

  • Prodigy Finance
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Oct 08, 2017
Full time Developer Ruby on Rails

Job Description

Prodigy Finance is a platform that enables financing for international postgraduate students at the world’s best universities, whilst delivering competitive financial and social returns to alumni, institutional and private investors.

This borderless and innovative model enables education loan financing to students from across the globe, whilst using predicted post-degree affordability rather than present-day salary. Since 2007, Prodigy Finance has processed over US$300 million through the platform to fund students from 118 nationalities, with repayment rates in excess of 99%.

Our team of 110 (and growing) is already truly global. Our head office is in London but the majority of the team is based in beautiful Cape Town. We also have an office in New York plus team members based across Europe and Asia.

We are funded by some of the best, pre-eminent institutions and entrepreneurs in the world.

Why this is an amazing opportunity

Your role will equip you to work in a leadership role as an accomplished Software Engineer in similar startups anywhere in the world.

You’ll work every day with an awesome technology stack consisting of Ruby on Rails/Python, Git, jQuery, Coffeescript, Semaphore, PostgreSQL, Amazon AWS among others.

We are a small(ish) technical team; this means that you are going to get to know the business intimately. You will play an essential role in helping to craft the product. You will learn much more than just software engineering best practices.

One of our goals is to build one of the top Fintech technology teams and cultures anywhere in the world. This means putting a lot of time into ensuring that we only hire people with exceptional potential whilst creating the best working environment possible. If you want to work somewhere where you're with some of the best engineers around, this role would be a good fit.

Why join Prodigy Finance

  • Be a part of a pioneering global growth company
  • Experience the excitement and learn from being part of an incredibly fast-growing young company. No kidding - exponential growth. Happening right now
  • Be pivotal in scaling the business by identifying smart solutions and partners with tech at the heart of it
  • Enjoy the agility and flexibility offered by a startup culture. A sociable, relaxed and friendly work environment (with a serious coffee culture where you can wear shorts to work)
  • Work with Ruby on Rails; this is your chance to improve your knowledge of this leading edge language. Do the course at Code School (
  • We will help you make your mark. We support and encourage involvement in the Ruby and Open Source communities in Cape Town. You’ll have the opportunity to become recognised as one of the best in your field.
  • Gain an inside perspective on the functioning of a venture-backed Fintech startup, backed by top VCs, learn day-to-day management and build functional expertise
  • Build a platform that helps to make a very real difference in the world

Graduate Programme

Starting at your first job after university is exciting, yet the steep learning curve of real-live software engineering can be daunting. At Prodigy, we firmly believe in learning and growing our skills; we're committed to making the start to your career rewarding and awesome!

As a graduate Software Engineer, you'll join our eight week training course. You'll be fully employed from the start. We'll teach you, in a series of lectures, labs and projects, how to develop and release great solutions for our business. While you will have learned the fundamentals of Computer Science at university, we'll show you how to apply these in a fast moving production environment. We’ll also give you an intro to the tools we use (Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, Amazon AWS, etc.). You’ll also spend a lot of time with our other departments to really understand what makes our business tick.

At the end of the eight weeks, you will be ready to roll. All our teams will give a presentation about themselves. We'll then find the best matched team for you to get you started on your journey to become a senior Software Engineer or Engineering Team Lead at Prodigy Finance!

What you need to be great at

  • Technical competence; love coding, able to learn new paradigms quickly, code for fun outside of work – not because someone is paying you to - a look to continuously improve and find better ways of doing things
  • Excellent critical judgement; able to make good decisions, be trusted, respected and dependable, be proactive and responsive, ask the right questions, raise flags at the right time, able to prioritise and plan workloads for the team
  • Mindfulness; be considerate of the implications of your work, really care about what you are doing and the impact of your contribution
  • Coaching and mentoring; teaching concepts, listening and adapting, empathy and a motivation to understand what makes others tick
  • Team leading and team spirit; we are all contributing to the same platform, so be a great individual contributor but be more motivated by the leading the team to achieve - we only win if the team wins - see the impact of your own work and positively influence and help the work of others
  • Getting up the front of the bus; get stuck in, execute, generate ideas, have an impact, don’t just sit back and be a passenger

Who we are looking for

  • BSc Computer Science/ Mechatronics/ Electrical Engineering
  • Solid understanding of computer science fundamentals, such as algorithms, complexity and data structures
  • Capacity and inclination to learn and ought to be passionate about web development. Really passionate

Experience that would be nice to have

  • Ideally you have experience of Ruby on Rails or Python
  • Experience with working with a relational database, such as PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Experience of cloud platform such as AWS, Heroku or Google Cloud
  • Experience of open source tools, including github, Jenkins, and others

The Prodigy fit; attributes which run true in everyone at Team Prodigy

To be an A player at Prodigy Finance, you need to possess – in spades - the following attributes:

Innovative + Smart

Be curious enough to want to know more, think out the box, maybe even break the box, show initiative and be smart about it to find implementable, impactful solutions.

International + Accountable

Push yourself to be better every day. Work with others across the world, be resilient, add value and then hold yourself accountable. Encourage and celebrate each other.

Energetic + Fun

Sense of humour = survival. Bring energy and fun. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Work hard and find the time to play. We’re in this together.

Do you want to be our next Graduate Software Engineer? Here’s what to do now:

If this sounds exciting and you'd like to have an informal chat, get in touch below and tell us why you want to work at Prodigy Finance.