Java Development Engineer "Big Data"

  • Scaled Risk
  • Paris, France
  • Oct 13, 2017
Full time JAVA

Job Description


We are a software publisher, Big Data, a technology that can efficiently respond to the problems of storage, operation and parallel data computation when talking about petabytes and a million insertions per second.

We have a unique position in Europe and work with the Californian companies that use technology and make it evolve with us every day. In other words, we are contributors of the Hadoop / Hbase (Java) base, used by Facebook for example.


You are passionate about development. Java (or C ++) has almost no secrets for you. You work in a young and tight team for which expertise is the master word.

You write effective, quality code and you must elegantly solve complex problems.

At our contact, you become your expert in a powerful, proven technology, used by all web giants and gradually by other large companies.

You are an actor in the launch of a technological start-up, at the forefront of innovation in an international context.

Your work environment is the image of the stakes: boosted Linux stations that allow you to run the back-end. Sources are managed under Git, build by Maven, testNG / surfire tests and services exposed by thrift.

The graphical interface is realized in jQuery / HTML 5.


  • Knowledge of JAVA, knowledge of other languages ​​(C, C ++) is a plus

  • Software design (data structures, algorithms, design patterns)

  • Good knowledge of databases and servers

  • General knowledge of networks

  • Practice of a UNIX