Web Developer "Big Data"

  • Scaled Risk
  • Paris, France
  • Oct 13, 2017
Intern Developer

Job Description


Scaled Risk is a young company specializing in software publishing. We develop a business software capable of fully exploiting the large volumes of data currently held by banks, but largely underutilized.

The architecture of our solution, based on a "Big Data" layer, is able to respond with proven technology to the problems of storage, operation and parallel computation of financial data.

We have forged technological partnerships and are working with California companies contributing and using this technology. We therefore have a solid expertise in Big Data and are a recognized contributor to the Hadoop / Hbase base.


The Big Data part is encapsulated in a service layer developed in Java, which can be accessed via a Javascript browser via the Apache Thrift IDL. Your main task is to develop the web interface and the call to the services via Thrift in an asynchronous context (Ajax) while respecting a detailed specification. Your work environment: boosted Linux stations allowing you to run the back-end. The sources managed under Git, the build by Maven 3, the testNG / surefire tests (QUnit / PhantomJS for web integration tests), the web server is Apache Tomcat. The web interface developed in XHTML, CSS and Javascript (jQuery, PhantomJS, QUnit).


You are passionate about IT development and already have proven skills in web development, including Rich Internet Application. You are able to seize the subject and are force of proposal. You understand that in the context of software publishing the quality of the code, its documentation, its structure and the strict respect of the standards are prerequisites essential to the durability of a solution. Finally, the deployment platform being Linux, a practice of this environment will be useful.

You have a creative mind and you want to carry out your internship in an innovative company. Webdesigner skills would be a plus.