Frontend Developer

  • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Oct 26, 2017
Full time Developer

Job Description

TRINE is looking for a frontend developer who will help improve our current platform and strive for a world where all people have access to clean energy.

At TRINE you will work with highly driven people and use technologies that you believe will improve our platform. You will be part of a high performance, cross functional team where collaboration is the key to success.

What we look for

You are a developer with a strong interest in the frontend stack and have experience or knowledge with the latest technologies in the field. You have no problem converting a design from a sketch to a working implementation, and you know how to do it in a maintainable way for the future. You are detailed oriented and quality is of high priority both regarding user experience as well as code quality, so testing is a natural part of your workflow. It's a plus if you have experience of data-driven decision making.

We think that you have experience in most of these technology categories:

  • Javascript frameworks (Aurelia, React, Vue, Angular etc)
  • CSS processors (SCSS, LESS, Stylus, PostCSS etc)
  • Frontend build tools (Gulp, Grunt etc)
  • Bundling frameworks (Webpack, System.js, Require.js etc)
  • UI frameworks (Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation etc)

You are also hungry for developing your skill set, so you keep up-to-date with what's happening in the community.


So you want to apply? Awesome! We have a small test for you:

Implement a component that asks the user for their date of birth. If the age is below 18 they are not allowed to continue. When the user clicks next, the selected date of birth should be presented in an alert in the form "yyyy-mm-dd".

Some rules:

  1. We expect you to submit three files: challenge.html, challenge.js (or .ts) and challenge.css (or .scss, .less, etc...)
  2. You are not allowed to use any external UI libraries for the components, but can use moment to parse the values to dates and libraries like jQuery, Aurelia, Angular, React etc to bind values more easily.
  3. Your solution will be evaluated on code quality and user experience.

When you are done, just send me an email with a quick introduction of yourself and a link to your project.