Front-end developer

  • Twsito
  • Prague, Czechia
  • Oct 29, 2017
Full time Developer

Job Description

With us you will enter the world of FinTech ... the most progressive segment for new companies trying to change payment conventions and financial products. We have great ambitions in Twisto. We went into the fight against typical repayments and usurers. We want to teach the Czechs that they can finance their purchases without long, boring contracts and inhumane interest.

We make it easier to pay for online purchases. We want people to be able to shop in Czech e-shops without worries. In Twisto, we are obsessed with innovation and come to market with unusual ideas.

Whom can you please:

We are looking for a colleague who will not only help us develop existing products, but will also add our ideas and experience to the news that we will introduce in 2016.

Our main focus is "Twisto Account", which allows you to shop on Czech e-shops for a whole month and pay only one sum. Food, electronics, clothes and much more at home right now and you can pay for up to 45 days. And it does not cost an extra crown!

Our service hides a number of complex functionalities that we constantly improve and automate. Online risk assessment, search for patterns of customer behavior through machine learning, identifying customers who are changing their data, or parsing incoming payments (are more common) are just a fraction of what Twisto can do today.

In addition to the Twisto account, we have other news that we plan to work on.

Credit score, API, user interface or internal dashboards. We put a great deal of emphasis on process automation and we will be glad to join Nikita is our developed Risk Engine, which evaluates the client's risk in one second at the time of online purchase (and also helps some Czech banks in their decision making).

We are looking for:

  • A colleague who excels in front-end technology - HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • He has experience in designing a user interface for both web and mobile applications.
  • Know rules of usability and accessibility of websites.
  • He knows about the existence of "iOS Human Interface Guidelines: Designing for iOS"
  • It has the sixth sense of writing good quality and easy-to-read code
  • At least Gith's basic knowledge will definitely not be lost

In Twisto, you can also bring yourself to the following technologies.

Python and Django, REST API, PostgreSQL, Celery, Redis and much more. The technology stack is really big and we'll be happy if you decide to contribute to it too.

We offer:

  • Direct influence on results Twisto - development and technology are the core of our company.
  • A nice collective full of energy - we have 41 and 4 dogs. We can alternate when walking if you want to venture. ;)
  • We are a fast growing FinTech start-up with strong support from investors and mentors.
  • Are you joining us?

Who you work with ("core team")

  • Michal Šmid is the founder of Twisto, spent 11 years in the world (USA, Moscow, England). In 2013, he returned to the Czech Republic to establish Twisto together with Miton & Enern.
  • Viktor Stískala is in charge of the development team, before Twist was one of the co-founders and CTO in (today
  • Lukáš Hurych is in charge of marketing and product and makes sure customers like Twisto. Together with - Viktor and other associates founded (today
  • Michal Kročil spent 6 years at Česká spořitelna (the top risk team in the Czech Republic). He built our Nikita risk engine.

Our "mentors & investors"

  • Pavel Mucha ( Former CEO of, for the past 5 years, has been investing in Enern in the hopeful startups in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Ondřej Raška ( Do you know Heureka, Bonami,, Restu or Slevomat? Ondra and the investment team are behind all the projects.
  • Tomáš Čupr ( Tomáš's business card is the biggest stakes in Czech e-commerce such as Slevomat, DámeJídlo and Rohlík. The Enern team has recently strengthened as the fifth partner.
  • Petr Borkovec (Partners). Visionary and owner of the investment group Brno Investment Group (NapoleonGames, Travelove, PanConnect and others)