Python developer (Django)

  • Twsito
  • Prague, Czechia
  • Oct 29, 2017
Full time Developer

Job Description

We have great ambitions. We went into the fight against banks and large financial institutions. We want to teach Czechs to pay for their everyday needs and to manage their money. If you want to join the finest FinTech team in Eastern Europe, write to us!

Main Responsibility:

We are looking for a senior developer to help us develop existing and new products. Currently, it is primarily a Twisto account that allows you to shop with one click on different e-shops, or pay bills and invoices simply by photo or e-mail. No more internet banking and complicated payments in the bank. We pay for the client for a month and we keep track of all the bill in the mobile application. The client pays only once a month for all their spend (always until the 15th day).

We are currently starting the project with the German Bank WireCard - Twisto card, which will change the way we pay in the shops. It is a project full of new technologies and challenges!

In addition to the Twisto account, there is a lot of room to work on other components of our application in the future, and it will be up to you which area you would like to devote the most effort. Whether it's API, customer interface, e-shop administration, credit scoring (machine learning and neural networks - more at, internal dashboards, or automation of processes.

Who we are looking for:

  • We require good knowledge of Django, Python (we use 3.4), GIT, SQL (PostgreSQL advantage) and a sense of quality, long-term sustainable and well-tested code.
  • An advantage, not necessity, is experience with Celery, Django REST Framework and Elasticsearch.
  • If you are a full stack developer or have experience with other programming languages, you will be ahead of other candidates.

We offer:

  • Direct influence on results Twisto - development and technology are the core of our company.
  • A nice, dynamic and young team - we have 41 and 4 dogs.
  • Fast-growing start-up with strong support from investors.

Who you work with ("core team")

  • Michal Šmída is the founder of Twisto, spent 11 years outside the Czech Republic (USA, Moscow, England). He returned to the Czech Republic to establish with Miton & Enern Twisto in 2013.
  • Viktor Stískala is in charge of the development team, before Twist was one of the co-founders and on the same position at (today's
  • Lukáš Hurych is in charge of marketing and product and makes sure customers like Twisto. Together with Viktor and other associates, he founded Abdoc.
  • Michal Kročil spent 6 years at Česká spořitelna (the top risk team in the Czech Republic). He built our Nikita risk engine.
  • Václav Čadek has been in Certicon for 5 years and now he helps us add dynamics to our risky engine.
  • Jan Daněček is a seasoned businessman from

Our "mentors & investors"

  • Pavel Mucha ( Former CEO of, for the last 5 years, has invested through an investment group - Enern into promising startapes in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Ondřej Raška ( Do you know Heureka, Bonami, Hotel, Rest, or Slevomat? All projects are worth mentioning - Ondra and the investment group.
  • Tomáš Čupr ( Tomáš's business card is the biggest stakes in Czech e-commerce such as Slevomat, DámeJídlo and Rohlík. The Enern team has recently strengthened as the fifth partner.

About Twisto

We simplify the financing of online purchases. Our patterns are, and We want people to buy more and more freely in Czech e-shops. Ideally via Twisto. We are obsessed with innovation and come to market with unusual ideas.