Data Scientist / Analyst

  • Veneficus
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Oct 31, 2017
Full time Data Developer

Job Description

Who are we?

Veneficus specializes in data analytics and in factual decision making on the basis thereof. We support companies by using discerning analyses to provide properly substantiated, innovative, and understandable insights. To do so, we make use of the web tools we develop ourselves, among other things. Our focus is on the following industries:

  • Finance & Insurance
  • FMCG & Retail
  • Public sector

Veneficus is young, innovative, and enterprising. Our thinking is solution-oriented, and we have a fresh take on our field. Our clients love our passion, but most of all, the fact that we manage to actually solve their problems. In doing so, we never shy away from a challenge. In our view, the phrase ‘I can’t’ does not exist!

The job - What to expect?

No two days at Veneficus are the same, but we do have a number of fun regular team meetings each week. Here are some examples to give you some idea of what your time with us might be like.

On Mondays, we always start with a standup about everything that is currently going on in the company. A cup of coffee, a cookie, and enthusiastic stories about the past week and the week ahead. You will get the chance to share your personal successes with your co-workers. The standup even results in a spontaneous brainstorming session about one of the problems you ran into that your co-workers are happy to weigh in on.

Our monthly knowledge session is scheduled for this Thursday. At the end of the day, the whole team gathers together, followed by inspiring presentations about the latest developments and projects. After that, the whole team goes out to dinner together. Hoksan talks enthusiastically about a tool that allows a company to predict a B2B company's churn and identify any clients that may be thinking of leaving. One of these clients did in fact end up terminating their contract shortly after. They will be able to use this tool in the future to talk to clients in time and limit the churn!

Before you know it, Friday has arrived. The whole team is working at the office, on various internal projects, and then we start our Sharing session around 5pm. This week, Emiel needs our help; we spar with him about how to handle a location analysis. We have a lot of experience with that, but the data provided by our new client has a completely different format than we are used to. A lot of creative solutions are put forward. The brainstorm is once again an inspiring one and flies by. Maybe you could come up with a topic for next week’s session?

As you can see, working at Veneficus entails plenty of variety, inspiration, and challenges.

The position - What are we looking for?

We are looking for an ambitious consultant, who wants to work on many different kinds of projects that involve a lot of client contact. With our clients and our team, you will be thinking of solutions to issues and then actually realizing those solutions. Apart from analyzing (big) data, you also work with the developers to develop new tools so you can visualize your data even better and provide even quicker insights.

The projects range from projects with 'start from scratch' briefs to getting involved in and then continuing to develop complex issues, using your expertise to help solve the client's problems. For example:

You will be challenged constantly to develop better statistic models and improve them. Veneficus will give you the space you need to be able to do so. As explained above, we use Fridays to work on internal projects to improve our products and services.

In short, this is a position in which you would be working with (big) data, statistical models, and the latest technologies, and in which you will not only be given a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of freedom to develop.


Techniques we use:

  • A broad range of forecasting, data-mining, and predictive analytics
  • Programming languages, mainly R and Python

Personal characteristics:

  • Being able to work independently and brainstorm with clients about options when necessary
  • Taking initiative and having a proactive attitude towards developing new tools
  • Having a flexible mindset


  • Statistical knowledge
  • Experience working with (large) databases
  • Experience with client contact (trying to anticipate their needs commercially)

What are we offering

  • You will start receiving a lot of responsibility as part of your job quite early on
  • An enterprising and dynamic work environment
  • Good fixed salary depending on experience
  • Profit sharing
  • Possibility of education and training
  • We reward personal initiative and ideas
  • A convivial and highly educated team with a lot of ambition (the average age is 27 years)