Financial Advisor Internship

  • Yomoni
  • Paris, France
  • Mar 25, 2022
Full time Finance Sales

Job Description


Yomoni is a management company with technology behind. Since 2015, they have been democratizing savings management by making it simple and affordable. They want to offer sophisticated investment techniques to as many people as possible, thanks to an easy-to-use interface. Incidentally, they hired forty people, raised more than 8 million Euros, and convinced several thousand French to leave them the keys to their savings.

Thanks to Yomoni, people who are not experts in finance place their money as experts, without putting their noses outside and without leaving an arm: everything is done online and the costs are much lower than those of a regular bank. . In concrete terms, Yomoni designs for each of its clients a diversified and low-cost portfolio, with the aim of helping them to save efficiently over the long term, as do the best investors.

They combine technology and management to deliver the best returns to their customers while minimizing their costs. So they do things like asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing, dividend reinvestment, and other financial services that most people find too complicated or too expensive to implement on their own.

Although they are often called robo-advisor by journalists, they feel closer to financial advisors than household robots. They do not use any robot, not even spare. It is therefore real humans who drop the phone when it rings in their Paris office.

Job Description

Yomoni makes savings management simple and affordable with technology. We allow people to put their money smart, in the long run, without knocking them out with high fees and without having to be millionaires to take advantage of it. With us, what was once reserved for a wealthy elite becomes accessible to the greatest number.

The team

Yomoni's financial advisors look after the people who entrust us with their money. They answer questions from people who have shown interest in Yomoni (prospects). They also advise our clients on their savings plans, investments and taxation. Finally, they are the voice of customers in-house, as such, they regularly advise our product managers on what could be improved in our service.

The role

Front - in contact with prospects

Contact our prospects to present our service and encourage them to subscribe.

  • Establish daily sales reminders to prospects, to present our offer and accompany them to the subscription of a first account or contract.
  • Find the right language elements and test different business discourses.
  • In connection with our business analyst, update and follow up on associated reports.

Front - in contact with customers

Provide first-level assistance on incoming requests from customers and prospects through our various communication channels: instant messaging, e-mail, telephone, social networks.

  • Answer questions about Yomoni, his offer, and his services.
  • Accompany prospects in the definition of their savings project and the online subscription process, help customers in the use of their secure space and understanding of the information available to them.
  • Help our users to overcome any technical blockages.

Respond to our customers on time:

  • Keep the client regularly informed of the progress of the processing of his application when it can not be resolved immediately.
  • Effectively notify external interactions in our customer relationship tool to ensure quality customer relationship monitoring.
  • If necessary, seek help and / or facilitate the intervention of a senior advisor or an expert from the investment team to best meet customer demand.

Middle - file tracking

Ensure the processing and the follow-up of the files of openings and the operations customers:

  • First level controls and validation of the contracts opening documents (supporting documents, consistency of the files, regulatory aspects).
  • Contact and reminders of customers for missing pieces or information.
  • Control and validation of operations related to the life of a customer contract (payments, withdrawals, modification of personal information, modification of management profile ...).

Continuous improvement of the service

Help the team to better know and understand its customers to ensure continuous improvement of their experience:

  • Evaluate efficiently the questions and difficulties encountered in our CRM tool (Zendesk).
  • Identify the difficult cases that cause a bad customer experience.
  • Suggest improvements to our service.

Our tools

Our tools evolve regularly, but for the moment, here is the list of the services on which Yomoni relies:

  • customer service: Zendesk;
  • CRM: Salesforce;
  • ticket tracking: Jira;
  • internal communication: Slack and Gmail;
  • ping-pong table: Cornilleau.

Your advantages

We work hard to make our employees feel good at work. Here's what you can expect:

  • the choice of your machine: Mac or PC;
  • bright offices in full Paris (Bastille);
  • restaurant titles;
  • possibility of hiring at the exit.

Required profile

You answer questions from our customers and prospects. You participate in the control and validation of new files, that is to say at all stages of verification that take place immediately after the subscription to a new contract.

Thanks to your privileged position at the heart of the customer experience, you also contribute to raising the points of blocking and the remarks of the users to allow a continuous improvement of our service. You will be the voice of our customers.


If you recognize yourself in this profile: write to us!

  • You are organized and rigorous, you have never missed a train of your life.
  • You always have a shot in advance, you anticipate questions from customers.
  • You are open and benevolent, you never discard the customer.


  • You are interested in financial services.
  • You have already worked in front of real customers and you liked it.
  • You control the Internet, your parents call you as soon as they have a problem with their PC - which is still running XP.