Backend Developer

  • Yomoni
  • Paris, France
  • Mar 25, 2022
Full time Developer

Job Description


Yomoni is a management company with technology behind. Since 2015, they have been democratizing savings management by making it simple and affordable. They want to offer sophisticated investment techniques to as many people as possible, thanks to an easy-to-use interface. Incidentally, they hired forty people, raised more than 8 million Euros, and convinced several thousand French to leave them the keys to their savings.

Thanks to Yomoni, people who are not experts in finance place their money as experts, without putting their noses outside and without leaving an arm: everything is done online and the costs are much lower than those of a regular bank. . In concrete terms, Yomoni designs for each of its clients a diversified and low-cost portfolio, with the aim of helping them to save efficiently over the long term, as do the best investors.

They combine technology and management to deliver the best returns to their customers while minimizing their costs. So they do things like asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing, dividend reinvestment, and other financial services that most people find too complicated or too expensive to implement on their own.

Although they are often called robo-advisor by journalists, they feel closer to financial advisors than household robots. They do not use any robot, not even spare. It is therefore real humans who drop the phone when it rings in their Paris office.

Job Description

Yomoni makes savings management simple and affordable with technology. We allow people to put their money smart, in the long run, without knocking them out with high fees and without having to be millionaires to take advantage of it. With us, what was once reserved for a wealthy elite becomes accessible to the greatest number.

The team

As Yomoni is a fully online management company, our technical team is at the center of everything we do. Our engineers value, design and manage our development cycle. On a daily basis, they solve interesting problems and overcome obstacles related to our growth and the environment in which we operate - demanding regulations.

The role

As part of the technical team, you use your knowledge of Java to improve our backend , the heart of the reactor, the engine of our rocket. You create new services, and gradually take responsibility for developing an autonomous component. You evolve within a team of 5 people with several developers, in an agile organization, in close relationship with one of our product managers . You participate in the design of new features and you optimize those that already exist. You handle development, qualification and production environments, and also monitor daily glitches, in direct contact with our team of financial advisors.

Our tools

Our tools evolve regularly, but for the moment, here is the list of the services on which Yomoni relies:

  • web application: Angular JS;
  • back-end: Java Springbatch;
  • batch: Rundeck, Awk, Shell;
  • CRM: Salesforce;
  • hosting: Amazon Web Service;
  • continuous integration: Travis CI;
  • version control: Git (GitHub);
  • ticket tracking: Jira;
  • internal communication: Slack and Gmail;
  • ping-pong table: Cornilleau.

Your advantages

We work hard to make our employees feel good at work. Here's what you can expect:

  • the choice of your machine: Mac or PC;
  • bright offices in full Paris (Bastille);
  • an understandable mutual (Alan) supported at 70%;
  • 7 weeks of leave per year (paid leave and RTT);
  • the passage of the AMF certification - if you like;
  • restaurant titles.

Required profile

As a kid, you liked Lego, building games and puzzles; Since then, you are comfortable with delicate functional issues, you like intellectual gymnastics. Both methodical and logical, you can easily break down a need to assess the complexity. In your work, you like to optimize your code and the processes associated with it, not by coquetry, no, but to avoid having to do the same thing twice - what would the machines be used for otherwise? Entering the code of other developers does not scare you, it's part of the job, and you have easy git-blame.

You are autonomous, conscientious and curious. Code quality is not a vague concept for you, it's your daily lot. You are proud of your achievements, which is why you always care about what you are going to send in production. Of course, you are not foolproof, but when you happen to make a dumpling, you are the first on the bridge to fix it. Finally, you are applied and rigorous, you know that the code review is essential to promote collaboration in the team and the good health of the product in the long term.

Do you recognize in this portrait? Get closer !


  • You are familiar with Java Spring batch;
  • You know that REST services in contract-first is not an insult;
  • You handle CXF / Spring MVC with ease;
  • You have knowledge of MySQL;
  • You are comfortable in a rhythm of continuous integration;
  • You know how to write intelligible documentation by all;
  • You are your own manager, you advance by yourself.


  • You have already handled a NOSQL / DynamoDB database;
  • You have nothing against cheese and squeegees;
  • You vaguely know the world of financial services;
  • You want to change the world of financial services.