Software Engineer (Java/Python/C#)

  • Zopa
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Nov 12, 2017
Full time Developer JAVA

Job Description

At Zopa, we’re shaping the future of finance.   We offer simple loans and smart investments that help people take control of their finances and do more with their money. In the 12 years we’ve been in business, we’ve helped more than 60,000 people lend over £2 billion to 246,000 UK consumers.   And our journey’s only just beginning. In November 2016 we announced our plans to build a next generation bank so that we can bring a greater range of smart, ethical finance products to even more people.   We are looking for Software Engineers that would relish the opportunity to work with Python & Java and collaborate on projects which will continue to enhance our stack and take us to the next level. Our new backend has a stream processing architecture, implemented via Kafka Streams. It is composed of Java and Python processing nodes.   This is a perfect opportunity to pick-up other languages, that you have always wanted to work with. We are looking for candidates with a very good understanding of either Java or Python (C# as a plus), and a willingness to learn the other(s). You’ll be working in a team of experience developers that can program in several languages with a focus on Python who will help shape your development skills and the exposure to Data Science teams.   You will build solutions that solve real-world problems, in a true cross-functional team, collaborating closely with business analysts and talented data scientists who come from institutions such as CERN and NASA. Daily interaction with stakeholders and key business users is a way of life here. Developers have a regular dialogue with product owners, analysts and data scientists within and outside the team, and interact with them on a daily basis. We are big believers in a lean philosophy and flexibility in implementation, while we’re also aiming to achieve stack consistency and alignment across the board.   How we work: At Zopa we are pragmatic programmers - both the cutting edge and the tried and tested get a voice. Our platform is a mix of Python, Java and C# with a growing importance of Java. We are strongly committed to Python as a key language in our technology stack and have big plans for the future.  


The projects you may be involved in include:

    • Enhancing our existing suite of credit, pricing, fraud and risk services (Java & Python).
    • Working with our data scientists to implement and enhance machine learning components.
    • Integrating python services into the new Kafka-Streams based architecture.
    • Creating and adapting analytic and monitoring services that drive business decisions.

What we are looking for:

    • Experience in one of the two (Java /Python), and basic understanding or keen-ness to learn the others. We're looking for experienced engineers that have solved big challenges through ingenious ideas and execution.
    • You must be happy to talk to key stakeholders on a daily basis and be able to understand and be interested in the business objectives of the company.
    • Product-focused engineers are a must - you will be part of a team that is on the front line of our business and you will see the direct impact of your work.
    • You must place strong emphasis on testing (unit, integration, acceptance, end-to-end). We are a financial institution and a strong commitment to quality is essential.
    • Be comfortable with reading legacy code
    • Any experience in microservices and message-based architectures in the past (and understand both the pros and cons) is a massive plus
    • Experience in C# is a plus