Senior Front End Engineer

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  • New York, NY, United States
  • Mar 25, 2022
Full time Developer JAVA

Job Description

We have enormous and engaging technical challenges. We are designing an API that can drop easily into any one of dozens of ecommerce platforms, proprietary and off-the-shelf, hosted and on-site. We need to verify online identity and predict fraud while providing a beautiful and frictionless consumer experience, and mine user and financial information to approve and price credit, all in real time. And we are using technology to explore new approaches to consumer credit marketplaces that have never been attempted before.

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We are looking to hire a Senior Front End Engineer to join the team in building our product. This engineer will:

  • be responsible for leading front-end architecture and implementation
  • work with the rest of the engineering team to deliver new functionality to face merchants, consumers, investors, and internal users
  • create beautiful user interfaces and elegant user experiences
  • be on the front lines responding to customer issues and ensuring smooth integrations



  • Expert knowledge of Javascript and front-end frameworks (we use React, but would happily speak with people who have deep experience with frameworks like Angular or Backbone)
  • Experience developing rich, reliable, cross-browser-compatible web experiences
  • Experience designing elegant, expressive client-side Javascript APIs
  • Experience creating robust UI automation testing as part of the development process
  • An ability to translate designs into pixel-perfect HTML and CSS
  • A passion for engineering and technology 


  • Some background in visual design
  • Knowledge of financial products
  • No fear of the back end. Our system is built with Go and PostgreSQL, but we’re also happy to speak with those that have experience with other backend languages, including JVM languages like Java or Scala; Python; or C++
  • Knowledge of e-commerce platforms, like Magento, Shopify, Demandware, or others