• Stripe
  • San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Aug 01, 2017
Full time Design Developer

Job Description

Design at Stripe:

Stripe’s mission is to increase the GDP of the internet and we think that building an internet business is a problem rooted in code and design, not finance. We also believe that there are far too many barriers to doing business on the internet and that the opportunities to do it are not equally distributed throughout the world. To break down those barriers and make the opportunities available to anyone, we’re designing the future of tools and infrastructure for starting, running, and scaling an online business—from anywhere in the world. That’s where you come in: we’re looking for a diverse set of designers of many disciplines, skills, backgrounds, and specialities to join our small (but growing!) team in San Francisco.

The design team works across most projects at Stripe—from our brand voice and websites to events, web and mobile products, and even printed publications. And since Stripe’s main audience is other people who build products, we agonize over and take pride in crafting user-friendly and user-focused experiences.

Who we’re looking for:

The title of this job description is “Designer”, but we consider the design team a home for most roles that help deliver world-class experiences to our users. That means that even if you’ve never called yourself a designer, there might still be a fit for you. Things you might have called yourself include, but are not limited to: Product designer, visual designer, UI designer, UX designer, presentation designer, UI engineer, UX engineer, copywriter, content strategist, producer, researcher, motion designer, film maker, editor, animator, or illustrator.

Look at our jobs page for currently open individual listings, or apply below for the general designer position if you don’t see yourself as an exact fit—the team we’re building has space for people who consider themselves to fit any or all of these facets of design work:

  • Product design
    Our products include the Stripe Dashboard on web and mobile, which users rely on to run their business, as well as internal tools that other Stripes use to help our users and protect them against fraud or malicious actors. Our product also includes our docs, used primarily by developers when integrating Stripe’s APIs.

  • RunKit design
    Stripe recently acquired RunKit to pioneer the future of development tools. We’re looking for designers with a passion for designing great tools for beginners and experts alike.

  • Communications and web design
    Our attention to delightful, user-friendly design naturally extends to how we communicate about our products on our website and in marketing materials. Designers focused on this discipline work on launch and product pages for new and existing products, as well as the design language across every page on

  • Writing and content strategy
    Those of us in the tech industry suffer a daily deluge of lazy bromides, tranquilizingly banal platitudes, and nouns drearily verbed. Amidst this, we’d like to hire writers and content strategists that will help Stripe stand out with precise, clear, thoughtful, and creative use of language across our product copy, transactional emails, marketing pages, blog posts, and more.

  • UI engineer
    Implement product and marketing designs in HTML, JS, and CSS while pushing forward interactive experiences for our users across Stripe. You’ll work on new and existing products, upcoming launches, and iterative improvements to existing pages and products.

  • Research
    Everything at Stripe revolves around our users. Help us establish a thorough and flexible research function to help us to learn more from our users and share the knowledge and insights with the rest of the company. You’ll work on everything from market research and usability studies to generative research that’ll help other designers and teams solve product problems.

  • Systems design
    As our products grow in number and size, we’d like to be more rigorous when designing so our users have an easier time learning and using new products. Strong but flexible design systems can help with that.

  • Presentation design
    Well-crafted presentations are useful to many teams across Stripe—from sales and partnerships in one-on-one conversations to our leadership team keynoting at large events. You’ll work on materials that effectively help tell facets of the Stripe story in a variety of situations.

  • Illustration
    Illustrations can play a key role in making our products and communications easier to use and understand—and helps make our work more fun and memorable. You’ll illustrate experiences across all the work we do, from specific product interactions to posters and promotional material.

  • Brand design
    Brand designers bring well-crafted narratives to life across several channels and touchpoints. Whether it’s print, environmental, or film, we’re looking for story-oriented folks who can think strategically about their work and produce creative projects that express our core values.

Who you will work with

Stay up-to-date with some of our work on our Dribbble Page, or meet some of our team on Designer Fund’s Bridge program pages. If you have some time to spare, you can listen to the podcast Bill Labus and Benjamin De Cock recorded with Design Details (or one with Malthe Sigurdsson, our Head of Design).

What we are looking for

  • We’re currently only looking for candidates with five or more years of experience. We don’t yet have the capability to properly train and mentor new grads or people just starting out in design. (As the team grows, this will change.)
  • We’re looking for people interested in working in a highly collaborative way where the expectations for every single person are high.
  • To do well at Stripe, you must be a clear and effective communicator.
  • Education is only part of a person’s experience, and we’re not only looking for people with degrees.
  • We’re very interested in building a team consisting of people with a wide range of experience, backgrounds, and interests.
  • Please be sure to include a link to your portfolio.