Senior Full Stack Developer

  • Firmex
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Mar 25, 2022
Full time Developer

Job Description

You won’t ever be bored here. At Firmex we solve interesting problems using awesome technologies in really radical ways.

Firmex provides financial, legal, and corporate professionals a secure virtual space to store and exchange highly secure corporate files and documents. Over 55,000 companies worldwide use our cloud-based solutions. What we do is new and interesting. And we give everyone here the freedom and the exposure to explore, to learn more, and to bring ideas to the table.

Our tech, our stack.

It takes a pretty impressive design, powered by an even more impressive tech stack and supported by an awesome infrastructure to do this.

Our Full Stack developers use a mix of .NET, C#, Postgres, MS SQL, and MSMQ on the server, while using HTML5, CSS and Javascript on the front-end. Other cutting edge techs we use to customize our applications also includes: Powershell, Ruby, Jenkins, Mercurial, Git, Ansible, Nginx, Vagrant and more!

We need a Senior Full Stack Developer who wants to:


  • Be involved in all aspects of new and exciting platform and UI builds.
  • Build and integrate the component interface using HTML, JSON, RESTful API’s.
  • Use technologies in ways that even the technology vendor has never even thought of!
  • Constantly ask: is there a better way to do this? But someone who has the self-restraint to not implement change simply to be different.
  • Apply their hands-on experience with ASP.NET/MVC type apps or ASP.NET/API or JavaScript in our development environment.
  • Solve design and implementation issues in advance by using reliable code.
  • Jump in on distributed systems and message passing to increase reliability.
  • Understand asynchronous application behaviours of systems at scale.

We need a Senior Full Stack Developer who loves to explore, to be hands-on, to work on the nitty-gritty and the big picture. Someone with a healthy dose of curiosity and a liberal helping of get-it-done attitude. A Senior Full Stack Developer who has been here and done this before. A developer who wants to keep on doing what they do best - just with more creative, genuinely fun loving people who will grow to feel like family.


And here’s how we know you are the next Developer, you have:


  • A passion for Agile methodology but the flexibility to think outside the scrum. You can think on your feet, collaborate with your team and others, and you enjoy taking ownership for your work.
  • 7 to 10 years using a virtual toolbox that may or may not include: C#,  ASP.NET/MVC or API, SQL Server, JavaScript MVC frameworks.
  • A curious nature. You want to understand the process behind the decisions, the why of the design, and the nature of the application. New and shiny things can be fun but you’re interested in learning how new technologies, tools and methodologies would work for us.
  • A desire to put your best foot forward. You want to be part of a team dedicated to creating and delivering quality software.
  • Outstanding communication. This is not a heads-down role. You will be working with a team that innovates together, out loud. And you will need to listen, engage, and present to external teams and senior project managers in a confident manner.
  • Pride. You enjoy your work and getting a job done well. You want to be part of a team that promotes their accomplishments and sees the difference they make.