DevOps Manager

  • Sensibill
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Mar 25, 2022
Full time Developer

Job Description

Sensibill is lighting up the FinTech industry with mobile solutions that are changing the way people interact with their purchases and enabling corporations to make critical insights. We are looking to expand and we're hiring a DevOps Manager to lead our development and infrastructure team. Our DevOps Manager will be responsible for driving changes to improve our infrastructure and operations in order to optimize reliability, scalability, and performance.


Here’s what our new DevOps Manager will do:

  • Champion DevOps Practices:  Review the current state of the environment, then identify and lead initiatives to improve development processes and the systems that enable them.
  • Organize and Prioritize: Collaborate with our leadership team and scrum master to ensure work for your team is well-defined and ready for development.
  • Develop: Get your hands dirty and set a shining example for the rest of your engineering team.
  • Manage and Grow: Guide your team in their career development and be responsible for their growth, performance and evaluation.
  • Deliver: Be responsible for the measurable, incremental improvements to our development tools and processes.


So, who are you? 

An experienced systems engineer with 3 to 6+ years of experience operating production environments, and 2 to 3 years experience in a leadership role for improving DevOps capabilities.


You should have experience with some, or all, of the following: 

  • Linux systems administration
  • Server configuration, monitoring and network design
  • Configuration management or orchestration tools (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc.)
  • System security
  • Continuous integration tools
  • Bash, Python, or Perl for automation


Why should you join Sensibill?

Our culture is like that perfect piece of pie; humble and delivers exactly what you expect. Why pie? That’s our acronym. We are all about passion, integrity, excellence. We like to have fun, and share the love.  So for your birthday, we will treat you to a slice of your favourite pie. We also deal with highly secure and confidential data, information we have to treat with respect, this – consideration and conscientiousness - pervades our culture. From how we come to decisions to how we have conversations with each other.

Joining a start-up in the early days is pretty much the greatest adventure you can go on.  We are lean, smart, fun, and we live for balance. This is not a top-down culture. We want everyone’s input during critical decisions.‬‬‬‬ To that end, if you have ideas, we want to hear them. Together we can build out and shape not just your role and your team, but our company. We want new core team members who want to invest in us the way we invest in them. We want your ideas, energy, skills, and dedication.