Portfolio Manager

  • Coinsquare
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Feb 05, 2018
Full time Developer

Job Description

Coinsquare is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in Canada. The digital currency and asset market is poised for explosive growth and Coinsquare is dedicated to taking advantage of that by becoming Canada's preferred 21st century financial services provider. In June of 2017 our team was around 25 people as of mid-January 2018 we're at 75 and continuing to grow, with an expectation of having a team of over 250 by June 2018.   Portfolio Managers / Commodities Traders lead the development and execution of Portfolio Index trading strategies. They play a key role in managing portfolio construction and risk. Successful Portfolio Managers are able to build and manage a strong and dynamic commodity vertical-focused portfolio.


Core Responsibilities

    • Develop and execute trading strategies for a commodities portfolio
    • Assist the analysis team in developing and enhancing analytical processes
    • Participate in portfolio construction and risk-taking decisions
    • Identify short and longer term opportunities based on micro and macro fundamentals
    • Use new and existing insights to support idea generation and commodity analysis
    • Challenge consensus views and monitor volatility


    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, preferably in statistics, mathematics, computer science, finance or economics
    • Strong understanding of financial modeling, specifically using Python and/or VBA, Matlab
    • Excellent analytical and quantitative skills, with strong attention to detail 
    • Strong written and verbal communications skills
    • Ability to manage multiple tasks and thrive in a fast-paced team environment

Experience - Portfolio Management

    • The proficiency requirements for a Registered Representative providing discretionary portfolio management for managed accounts that do not trade in futures contracts are:
    • (a) Successful completion of:
    • (i) The Conduct and Practices Handbook Course, and (ii) either A. The courses necessary to attain the Canadian Investment Manager Designation, or B. The three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst programme administered by the CFA Institute; and
    • (b) Experience:
    • (i) Of at least three years as a Registered Representative or a research analyst for a Dealer Member, (ii) Of at least two years ending not more than three years prior to the date of application as a registered advisor under Canadian securities legislation managing on a discretionary basis at least $5,000,000 in aggregate assets; or (iii) Of at least five years ending not more than three years prior to the date of application, managing a portfolio of $5,000,000 or more, on a discretionary basis, while employed by a government-regulated institution.
    • The proficiency requirements for a Registered Representative exercising discretionary authority over managed accounts trading in futures contracts or futures contracts options are:
    • (a) Successful completion of
    • (i) The Canadian Commodity Supervisors Exam, the Futures Licensing Course and the courses necessary to attain the Derivatives Market Specialist Designation; or (ii) The Chartered Financial Analyst program administered by the CFA Institute;
    • and (b) Experience ending no earlier than three years prior to the date of commencing to exercise discretionary authority over managed accounts of at least 5 years as an Approved Person actively engaged in advising on and trading in futures contracts or futures contracts options for customer accounts.

Experience - Commodity Futures Contracts and Options

    • The proficiency requirements for a Registered Representative or Investment Representative who deals with customers in futures contracts or futures contract options are successful completion of:
    • (a) The Derivatives Fundamentals Course and the Futures Licensing Course, or (b) The Futures Licensing Course and the National Commodity Futures Examination administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.
  More About Coinsquare 

Our mission is to revolutionize and simplify the buying/selling experience of digital assets, while focusing on top-of-the-line security and user experience. We’ve built our system using the same software as the NYSE as proof of our commitment to security. We are the only platform offering a QuickTrade feature (instant, direct coin-to-coin exchange) as well as continuous innovative developments, all in an effort to make our platform more intuitive for our traders. Employees have equal opportunities to contribute to company success within a startup culture that encourages self-starters, transparency and team connectivity.   Our office is located a few minutes southeast of Queen and Bathurst in the heart of Toronto's startup hub.   In order to promote and enhance the security of Coinsquare's company and platform, any candidates that receive an offer of employment will be required to complete a background check.   Coinsquare is a Canadian digital currency exchange, full of bright and diverse thinkers - and as we grow we’ll continue to build out a reputable company that encourages applicants from all categories of gender, race, ethnicity, and ability to come join us. We know diverse teams make strong teams. Any candidate that requires accommodation during the interview process simply needs to let us know, and we’ll ensure it’s a positive experience for all.