• Tookitaki
  • Singapore
  • Mar 15, 2018
Full time Other

Job Description

Although it may sound clichéd everyone is a relentless hard worker. It's really not about the number of hours you put into but how passionate you are. The more passionate you are the more you'll love the product - very critical to ‘Do Something New’. 
At Tookitaki, you will have a lot of autonomy from the tools and frameworks you use, to even the problems you want to be solving on a day-to-day basis. You'll need a decent sense of how to balance speed and quality and be comfortable without hard rules.

Engineering @ Tookitaki

The engineering team is responsible for building a robust forecasting platform, which can add significant value to BFSI vertical in solving operational and compliance risk problems. We take pride in building the system right and continuously evolving it. You have freedom to choose the right tools for the task. We also encourage to participate in and contribute to open source community.

Our ideal candidate

Our engineering team is looking for a DevOps, who has 4-7 years of work experience in similar field and possess good communication skill. He would be responsible for -

Understand and master the internal architecture of our product. 
Building a solid understanding of customer’s existing IT architecture. 
Proposing an integration plan to integrate our product with their architecture. 
Help our clients set up the required product infrastructure with dependencies. 
Work with product development team to acquire required troubleshooting skills. 
Help our clients streamline the process to monitoring and maintenance. 
To be the GO TO person for anything related to client specific engineering. 
Desired technical requirements 
Prior work experience in Dev-Ops field is required. 
Experience working on linux environment with bash and python scripting. 
Experience with installing, configuring and managing the big data architecture (Hadoop, Spark, Hive, HBase etc) and understanding of how these components work together. 
Working experience on running and maintaining docker based environment. 
Experience with managing and maintaining multiple databases - MySQL, Postgres. 
Experience working with any in-memory key value store - Redis, Memcache. 
Experience setting up and maintaining different web servers and application containers. 
Experience with various configuration management tools - Ansible, Chef, Puppet. 
Experience installing security patches and hardening the overall infrastructure. 
Experience with automating the infrastructure setup and maintenance tasks. 
Good understanding of systems and networking.

Compensation: $7K – $10K 
No Equity