Creative Storyteller

  • Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • May 02, 2018
Full time Marketing

Job Description

What We’re Looking For has a million stories to tell and we’re looking for creative people who can help tell them. We are more than a technology startup, we are a platform empowering hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Philippines to take control of their time and money. We need locals and travelers experienced in digital storytelling that we can empower to tell both our story and the most powerful stories of our users.

Key Responsibilities May Include

  • Capturing/write compelling user, product, and company stories in various digital mediums (blogs, videos, photos, etc.) 
  • Planning, research, and storyboarding to successfully frame and capture each narrative 
  • Editing and producing captured or written content 
  • Collaborating with marketing, support, and development teams to more successfully learn how our service is improving the lives of our users 
  • Possibility to travel throughout the Philippines to capture how our product is solving problems for users both in the major cities and throughout the provinces 
  • For talented applicants, we are willing to explore full-time, contractor, and freelance opportunities, we’re open to your ideas!

Why This is Exciting

  • Lots of compelling narratives interesting to both the Philippine and international communities:
  •   Financial empowerment and personal finance 
  •   Remittances and OFWs 
  •   Philippine startup scene 
  •   Bitcoin, Blockchain, emerging technologies 
  • We are using some of the most promising technologies (Bitcoin/Blockchain) to significantly increase financial inclusion for the 600 million people in Southeast Asia
  • Our team consists of top talent both globally and locally here in the Philippines. Our founders are prior entrepreneurs that have experience scaling teams and driving their startups to successful outcomes 
  • We have received venture capital from leading regional and Silicon Valley investors. They have (literally) bought into our vision and play an active role in helping our company achieve its full potential

Minimum Background

Experience telling awesome stories (literally, that’s what we care about most)

How To Stand Out

  • Track record of cultivating a large online audience on platforms like YouTube, Facebook Pages, Vimeo, Tumblr, Medium, Twitter, and others 
  • Shareable links with prior digital content you’ve made 
  • Experience creating content for other startups or technology companies 
  • Relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in communications, creative writing, film, fine arts etc. from a top global University 
  • Understanding of startups, banking, FinTech, Bitcoin/Blockchain technology, personal finance 
  • Bilingual proficiency in English and Filipino