Lead Algorithm Engineer

  • Sensibill
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • May 08, 2018
Full time Developer Research

Job Description

What does the job entail?

Lead our machine learning engineers in making next-generation improvements to our AI based receipt processing engine. We're looking for someone who is comfortable writing up a script to test a hypothesis, while also being able to strategically plan a solution to a complex problem. As a player-coach, you are driven by the satisfaction obtained when you foster the continued growth and success of your team. Being able to inspire your team to deliver their best work is a key asset.

A day in the life:

  • Be responsible for the continuous delivery of improvements to the receipt processing solution, at the rapid pace our clients have come to expect.
  • Get hands-on and set a positive example by following best programming practices.
  • Guide your team in their career development and be responsible for their growth, performance, and evaluation
  • Organize and mentor a team of algorithm developers, as well as engineers working on machine learning, motivating them and cultivating an atmosphere of collaboration and transparency.

A bit about you

We’re a fast-paced start-up, so we need versatile self-starters who are motivated by new technologies, will jump right in and can hit the ground running. We don’t expect to find someone that is a perfect match to the details below, but here are the typical bullet points that we’re hoping you bring to the table:

  • 5+ years of experience writing code with a heavy focus on algorithm development or experimental development in a research setting.  
  • 5+ years of coding experience outside of academia.
  • 2+ years of experience leading or coaching teams.
  • The ability to lead and mentor a team of developers and researchers to quickly build and test.

In a perfect world, you’d also have:

  • Machine learning experience, particularly working with neural nets
  • A relevant post-secondary degree in Computer Science or Engineering.
  • A near-fanatical zeal for hitting performance targets.

What’s in it for me?

We love #pie. Our culture is like that perfect piece of pie; humble and delivers exactly what you expect. Why #pie? That’s our acronym. We are a team of people that work to #getshitdone, all while ensuring Passion, Integrity, and Excellence.

Joining a startup in the early days is pretty much the greatest adventure you can embark on in your career. You have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions; to make an impact. We are lean, we are smart, and we live for balance – there are no mandatory 60-hour work weeks here.

This is not a top-down culture. We want everyone’s input during critical decisions. To that end, if you have ideas, we want to hear them. Together, we can build out your role, build our product, and our company. We want new core team members who want to invest in us the way we invest in them. We want your ideas, your energy, your skills, your dedication, and if you have any, we’ll take your #receipts too.

What can I expect when I submit my application?

A real person will review your application (no bribes or 8x10 glossies please) and either schedule a conversation with you or let you know that we’re passing on your candidacy within 5 business days.

What if I have more questions before I apply?

No worries at all! If you have additional questions prior to submitting your application, please feel free to reach out to Omar Khan, our recruiter at omar@getsensibill.com. 

What does the interview process involve?

The first step is a conversation with Omar. He'll focus on the human side of things and answer any questions you may have. From there, we’ll provide an opportunity for those that exhibit a high potential to be successful in our environment to demonstrate their technical capabilities and then talk shop with some of the Technology team. Assuming you’re one of our finalists, we’ll be sure to give you a tour of the office and introduce you to some of your future teammates.

We’re not just interviewing you. We want to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other, so please feel encouraged to interview us at every step.

Sensibill is an equal opportunity employer. Should you require accommodation in any aspect of our selection process, please contact Omar Khan at omar@getsensibill.com