Software Developer Japan

  • Omise
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • May 11, 2018
Full time Developer

Job Description

Omise is looking for an excellent software developer to join the core team. This department focuses on strengthening and adding new functions to dashboards, APIs , libraries and even the SDK to make people's lives more comfortable than ever.

The core team's stack is primarily Ruby on Rails , but Elixir , Node.js , React , PHP , Python , TypeScript , and other languages running in production are also used or will soon be available. Among various programming environments, it is a chance to make use of your own viewpoint and expertise.

In the sense of writing excellent codes, the core principle that we ask the developers is clarity, simplicity, and protection.

Clarity: Any developer can write clear code to read and understand quickly

Simplicity: You can write plain code with no ambiguity, not strange thing

Protection: You can cover the edge case and handle user input carefully


The best personality in this department is those who are enthusiastic about learning new knowledge and who can make extra effort to share knowledge to their colleagues. This department also needs a great deal of developers to read and understand the code efficiently and provide informative feedback.People who do not feel comfortable reviewing the code of others, in short, they are looking for such people.


You are:

Are you autonomous?

Is the way of thinking flexible?

Are you eager to learn new knowledge?

Are you a voluntary effort?

Can you be stretched out in a rapidly changing environment


Can you do the following:

Write own test code

Write consistent code

Work in a team

Communicate in English with confidence

To fulfill our responsibilities

What we can offer:

Salary above industry level

Comfortable and flexible work environment

Health care plan

Telecommuting at 3 days a week

Lending MacBook Pro that can work from coffee shops and beaches

Friendly colleagues