Senior web front end development engineer

  • Dianrong
  • Shanghai, China
  • May 18, 2018
Full time Information Technology JAVA

Job Description

Job responsibilities:

1. Have a global view, can design, reconstruct and optimize website performance, scalability and maintainability at the architecture level;

2. Collaborate with architects to complete the development of the basic technical framework of the front-end website; Cooperate with the background engineers to discuss the technical implementation plan. Application and system integration;

3. Willing to share knowledge and technology, willing to organize and lead the team to complete product design and development tasks;

4. Close cooperation with the team and other departments, design the product's various functions, and effectively implement the various functions of the on-line Run;

5. Design and develop front-end website pages based on AngularJS according to product requirements;

6. Optimize code and maintain good browser compatibility;

7. Work items include company PC website, mobile website, internal management website, etc.

8 Good coding skills and habits, can write appropriate notes, documents, code is easy to maintain and expand.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in software engineering, computer science, computer engineering, or mathematics, and more than 4 years of experience in front-end development of web pages.

2. Proficient in web front-end development technologies such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript and in-depth knowledge of Ajax, DOM, BOM, and XML , JSON and other related technologies;

3. Familiar with Prototype/jQuery/YUI/Ext and other technical frameworks and implementation principles;

4. Proficient in mobile Web development technology, can achieve cross-browser and cross-device web development work;

5. Grasp a certain background Those who have project experience such as development technology (Java, Node.js) are preferred;

6. Cheerful and optimistic, with good logical thinking skills, good communication skills and teamwork spirit, have a strong interest in the mobile Internet industry, and have strong Research ability and learning ability.