Product Designer - Visual

  • Better
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Jun 14, 2018
Full time Design

Job Description

A Better opportunity

Fellow designers, what’s it going to take for you to leave your current gig and become a major contributor on a digital product that has a huge impact on the real lives of everyone around you? We’re building something special. Something important. Yeah, it’s complicated, but that’s where we thrive as product designers: turning something confusing and chaotic into something beautiful, elegant, and functional. I want your help on our UX and product team to do what our engineers from Google and Spotify have been doing on the technology side. Our office is in Soho, we’re backed by Goldman and Kleiner Perkins, we’ve got an extremely talented set of people in our company, and we’re rapidly expanding.

The Product Designer will report to the head of UX and work within the product team with other UX and product designers. You’ll be responsible for championing the visual design aspects of our product.

Attributes we value

The ideal candidate always puts the user first, and has a genuine desire to make change for good through great design. A link to examples of work is required as part of your application. In addition, we are looking for:

  • At least 3-4 years experience as a Product Designer
  • Very strong visual design skills. You have an eye for color, visual hierarchy, and typefaces.
  • Sketch app chops
  • Strong at responsive mobile design
  • Experience with and a great eye for animation
  • Ability to solve UX problems with animation
  • Understanding of when to use animation and when not to use it
  • Strong in animation software like Principle/AF/Framer/Whatever
  • Ability to rapidly prototype your animations
  • Ability to work with and communicate your animation styling with engineers
  • Ability to work with UX designers
  • Comfortable taking art direction and criticism
  • Comfortable providing design rationales
  • A desire to learn from others
  • Ability to help/teach others
  • Ability to win over co-workers to the importance of great design
  • Comfortable working with product managers
  • Comfortable learning from A/B testing
  • Experience manipulating images
  • Deeply knowledgeable in Photoshop
  • Ability to execute ideas quickly
  • Insatiable appetite for making the product look and feel better
  • Always able to put our users first
  • A genuine desire to make change for the good through great design
  • An impeccable sense of product styling

A Better company

It’s hard not to be excited about mortgages when you’re actively upending the conventions of a $13 trillion dollar business that impacts over 200 million Americans.

At Better, we’re building a next-generation mortgage platform from the ground up. We’ve already funded $1 billion in loans, and we’re just getting started. Our team combines leading software engineers from tech giants like Google and Spotify with financial talent from firms like Blackstone and Bridgewater, creating a hybrid institution unlike any other.

Rife with antiquated processes, the home finance industry has remained fundamentally unchanged since the 1970s. As we break down the entrenchments that bar so many from the benefits of homeownership, we adhere to three basic principles:

  • Humans are better than computers at expressing empathy, understanding individual situations, and creating solutions to help people. Let them.
  • Computers are more efficient than humans at working with massive data sets, performing complex calculations, and validating thousands of rules. Use them.
  • The rules of the status quo are broken. Change them.