Software Engineer Intern - Security (Fall)

  • Coinbase
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Jun 27, 2018
Intern Ruby on Rails

Job Description

Coinbase stores more digital currency than any other company in the world, making us a prime target for attackers. Whether scam groups looking to take advantage of our users or nation-states seeking to disrupt economies, the scope of our security challenge is daunting to organizations even 10x our size. Yet still, we thrive. From this challenge, Coinbase can offer an internship experience that is dramatically more impactful and eye-opening than any other.

Our charter summarizes our team: we work in tandem with Product and Engineering to design, build and operate secure systems in defense of Open Financial Systems. The services we offer and software we write enables security by default. We favor approaches that eliminate classes of vulnerability, systematically reduce risk, and provably increase trust in our software.


  • As an intern at Coinbase, you will work through a full application security program. Under the guidance and mentorship of highly skilled security engineers you will learn how to:
    • Thoroughly break applications from inside and out.
    • Work with Product before any code is written and drive security by design.
    • Work with Developers to find and fix bugs in code review, and systematically eliminate weakness in our codebases.
    • Build security tools as a force multiplier for any work you do


  • You should have a solid grasp of either Ruby, Go, Node, or Kotlin
  • You should know about common classes of vulnerabilities in Web or Mobile applications
  • You must be able to communicate thoughtfully and clearly about deeply technical material


  • You have worked in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment
  • You have exposure to AWS & Docker security concepts
  • You have exposure to bug bounties (either submitting or triaging)