Senior Information Security Engineer – Tel Aviv

  • Forter
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Jul 17, 2018
Full time Developer

Job Description

Forter is looking for a Senior Security Operations Engineer with broad experience and a passion for security, to join us in the challenge of combating online fraud. We’re looking for someone that has previously faced security challenges such as DDoS mitigation, data breach mitigation, and the application of data access policies for almost 100 employees.


We here at Forter, spend all day stopping online fraudsters from committing crimes and this makes us a desirable target for an attack. We’re looking for someone to lead data security and integrity compliance at Forter, from designing, to implementing, and ultimately communicating (including documentation), with management and customers. Just to clarify… We are a lean startup with flat-org engineering, and compliance means accountable infrastructure automation, the best security practices and training, and a short list of policies. The Senior Security Infrastructure Engineer role shall evolve to take ownership of the growing needs of the company beyond security, and of course including, Enterprise Readiness.


Stuff you’ll be doing:

  • Building a secure cloud infrastructure that is integrated with the development flow and our production monitoring system (Riemann, ELK, PagerDuty).
  • Designing and implementing 3As (authentication, authorization and auditing), to protect our data stores (MySQL, ElasticSearch, Couchbase, Redshift).
  • Working with management to define, document, and implement SOC2 and PCI compliant infrastructure and practices.
  • Training engineering teams on how to minimize attack surfaces and best practices in order to mitigate common security pitfalls.
  • Helping to design and implement our cross datacenter failover solution.


Stuff you’ll need:

  • Deep knowledge in Linux and at least one open source NoSQL product.
  • Fluent Bash & Python skills.
  • Professional proficiency in English.
  • Experience with AWS or other public clouds.
  • Moderate understanding of TCP/IP protocols and DNS.
  • Security experience: Secure infrastructure, data privacy, access management, breach protection, DDoS mitigation, and security threat analysis.
  • Experience in compliance processes (PCI, SOC2, ISO27001, or similar).
  • Ability to work with management and our customers’ security groups.
  • Ability to make up at least 3 new Chuck Norris jokes (Chuck Norris wrote his own data security platform. It’s called “Chuck Norris.”)

We’d love it if you have:

  • Experience in architecting a disaster recovery solution.
  • Experience in choosing and working with security vendors.
  • Experience with deployment automation and config management.
  • Experience with advanced monitoring tools (Riemann/Elasticsearch/Kibana).
  • Guitar-playing skills (or any other musical instrument for that matter, we’re starting a band).

What it’s like to work at Forter:

  • We’re super-picky about who we hire, so once you’re on board, you’re working with an amazing team.
  • We look for every opportunity to party, and when we do – we party hard.
  • Shoes are optional.
  • Weird hobbies are our thing, if you don’t have one – now’s the time.