Infrastructure Engineer (DevOps) – Tel Aviv

  • Forter
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Jul 17, 2018
Full time Developer

Job Description

Forter is looking for an Infrastructure Engineer with broad experience and a passion for building scalable and resilient systems, to join us in the challenge of combating online fraud. Our challenges are to stay ahead of sophisticated fraudsters, catching them in real-time (under a second), at large scale, for the biggest enterprises in the world.


Forter doesn’t handle quite as many requests as Facebook or Google, but our flow is much more complex, and we do care a very great deal about reliability. Every request we process is very important to everyone involved! We can’t have downtime; our customers’ businesses depend on us.


Stuff you’ll be doing:

  • Contributing to our deployment cycle across development and production environments in AWS.
  • Consistently improving our:
    • Cross datacenter failover and data replication solutions
    • Config management  (experience with Chef/Puppet)
    • Infrastructure management (AWS Cloudformation / Terraform)
    • Monitoring tools (Riemann with ELK)
    • Backup solutions for all of our databases (ES, Couchbase, MySQL) and data stores (using Event Sourcing for critical data elements)
  • Continuously optimizing our AWS costs at scale. 
  • Designing and migrating bigger parts of our system to Kubernetes.

Stuff you’ll need:

  • Think about systems — Their edge cases, failure modes, and lifecycles.
  • Deep knowledge of Linux and at least of one open source NoSQL product.
  • Strong Bash & Python skills.
  • Experience with AWS or other public clouds.
  • Understanding of TCP/IP, DNS and OpenVPN protocols.
  • Understanding of a Public Key Infrastructure (SSL/TLS Certificates, AES Keys, PGP, etc). 
  • Professional proficiency in English.

We’d love it if you have:

  • Experience with architecting a disaster recovery solution across multiple data-centers (globally).
  • Experience with deployment automation and config management solutions. 
  • Guitar-playing skills (or any other musical instrument for that matter, we’re starting a band).

What it’s like to work at Forter:

Instead of writing some boring description, one of our finest engineers made a little video (or two). We also did this. This is how we believe things should be: Different, funny, and with some attitude.