Senior Data Engineer

  • Guideline
  • San Mateo, CA, USA
  • Sep 14, 2018
Full time Data Developer

Job Description

At Guideline, we’re helping Americans save for a better future. Guideline is the only 401(k) provider with a fee-free, full-stack 401(k) offering that automates plan administration and compliance with a platform that directly integrates with many of the most popular payroll providers. 

By building transparent and first-of-its-kind software, the Guideline team is combatting what’s unfortunately become the retirement industry status quo -- legacy providers have put profit over the interests of employees, abandoning the goal of the programs in the first place: to give employees the opportunity to save as much as possible for retirement. 

With over 3,000 clients and hundreds of millions of dollars in assets under management, in just a couple years of operations, we’re well on our way to making smart retirement planning easy for everyone. 

Job Description
We are looking to hire Senior Data Engineer to join our growing Data Team, which is comprised of data engineers and data scientists, and tasked to improve our 401(K) product and business efficiency by leveraging the power of proprietary data and public data. If you are experienced with state-of-the-art data technologies and passionate about designing and building sophisticated data infrastructure from the ground up that underpins analytics and data product, this is the team you want to join.

  • Design, develop and maintain data infrastructure which is complex yet reliable, scalable and operable. Including databases / data warehouses, ETL / derived data jobs in batch and streaming mode, and integration with product components and third-party solutions
  • Design, develop and maintain in-product instrumentation for downstream analysis
  • Design, develop and maintain data product, in collaboration with data scientists and product teams
  • Identify and adopt state-of-the-art data technology solutions to meet company’s growing data needs
  • Identify and adopt frameworks, policies and tools to enhance the team’s productivity
  • Facilitate cross-functional collaboration
  • Coach junior members 

Desired Skills and Experience/Qualifications:
  • Bachelor degree in engineering
  • 6+ year professional experience in a similar role
  • Extensive experience of 2+ database technologies (e.g. transactional database, analytical data warehouse, key-value data store, document store)
  • Extensive experience of 2+ backend programming languages (e.g. SQL, Python, Java,  Scala)
  • Extensive experience of 1+ distributed computation frameworks (e.g. Hadoop, Spark), including batch mode and streaming mode
  • Extensive experience of ETL development and frameworks
  • Experience of API design and development
  • Experience of 2+ third-party analytics solutions (e.g. BI solution, marketing analytics solution, product funnel analytics solution, CRM solution)
  • Empathy, as manifested by excellent people skills, communication skills and collaboration skills
  • Intellectual curiosity and lifetime learner
  • Proactive and driven to deliver high-quality work and make impact
Compensation & Benefits
At Guideline, we’re dedicated to creating a workspace environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and hustle. Transforming a decades-old industry isn’t easy, so we reward our team with generous compensation and a robust benefits package.
  • Competitive compensation with cash and stock option grants
  • Unlimited vacation policy 
  • An employer-matched Guideline 401(k)
  • Generous paid maternity/paternity leave policies
  • Premium health benefits; Short and long-term disability benefits
  • Daily catered lunch, in addition to more snacks, coffee, and beverages than you could ever consume
  • Computer and monitor setup of your choosing
  • Caltrain annual pass
  • A spacious office in Hillsdale, steps away from Hillsdale Caltrain station, that happens to have an on-site beer garden, two Bocce Ball courts, and is conveniently across the street from Blue Bottle and Tin Pot.

Equal Employment

Guideline provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.