Compliance Licensing and Partnership Manager

  • WorldRemit
  • London, UK
  • Jan 03, 2019
Full time Compliance

Job Description

About WorldRemit

WorldRemit is changing the way people send money abroad. We’ve taken something complicated and made it simple.  Tap the WorldRemit App or click our website and your international transfer is made – to a bank account, cash pickup, Mobile Money, or airtime top-up. We send to more than 110 countries and the number is growing all the time.

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Changing the world isn’t easy – so we only hire the most talented people. You need to think differently, believe in new solutions to old problems, and have the drive to make them happen.


POSITION: Compliance Licensing and Partnership Manager


REPORTING TO: Group Compliance Director

The role is responsible for the development of initial compliance training, recordkeeping, monitoring, and analytical tasks involved with regulatory compliance, Anti Money Laundering (AML), and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) as WorldRemit expands into new send markets and services. This role will work on a cross functional team to deliver the initial compliance documents for our licensing activities, implement the compliance control framework at initiation, and onboard the compliance officer for that country.

The main duties include:

  • Management of country Regulatory compliance:
    • Conduct initial compliance training;
    • Collate and provide risk assessment analysis;
    • Manage record management, exam and audit, and money transmitter license registration program requirements;
      • Research requirements for money transmission licensure
      • Develop the initial Compliance and AML programs, policies, and procedures which comply with those requirements and keep to the group standard where possible; and
      • Implement the initial Controls.
    • Resolve outstanding issues identified in the application process; and
    • Report to the Group Compliance Director on the status of regulatory compliance.
  • Management of country AML and CTF programs:
    • Conduct initial compliance training;
    • Collate and provide risk assessment analysis;
    • Initiate the day-to-day monitoring for suspicious activity; and
    • Initiate the initial CIP/KYC/CDD controls.
  • Assure compliance with Country laws, regulations, and Company policy and procedure.
  • Initiate the governance committees within new legal entities consistent with group standards.
  • Manage the compliance, AML, and CTF due diligence assessments of new services.
  • Project manage the roll out of new services across the groups compliance departments to assure that control frameworks are updated.
  • Carrying out any other tasks as may be requested from time to time.

Summary of required experience & attributes:

  • Compliance Subject Matter Expertise: Will be steeped in AML/KYC/ /CTF/Consumer Protection best practice and know how to leverage this to enable sustainable growth. Will also understand the compliance governing the Money Service Business and foreign exchange industry. Will know how to implement best compliance, audit, and risk assessment practices and resolve outstanding issues. Will be completely familiar with the “three lines of defence” compliance model, as well as conducting correspondent reviews. Able to share and co-create best practice with the broader global compliance team. They may have a recognised compliance diploma.


  • Broad Geographical Knowledge: Whilst immediately knowledgeable and experienced in the relevant markets, will have broad knowledge of the international compliance landscape. Has the intellectual agility to rapidly learn new laws and regulations in order to ensure compliance in all relevant territories. Will have a holistic understanding of global and regional compliance initiatives.


  • Execution and Implementation: Will know how to implement best-in-class compliance, audit, and risk assessment practices and resolve outstanding issues, as well as conducting correspondent reviews. Will act as a control function to local management, the business development (partnerships) organisation and WorldRemit at large.


  • Commercial and Growth Company Mentality: Will be comfortable working in a high-growth environment. Have the commercial acumen to align company goals with compliance best practice. Will be proactive in engaging with regulators in new countries. Able to advise on all compliance aspects and escalate issues accordingly. They will be able to support all other aspects of applying for and maintaining in country licences.


  • Gravitas, People and Stakeholder Management: Has the gravitas to represent the firm at the highest levels within regulatory bodies, banks and governments in target countries. Will act as a control function and a highly-trusted advisor to local management, the partnerships organisation and WorldRemit at large. Will be able to interact and create presentations for a wide variety of stakeholders internally (including but not limited to members of the product, legal, finance and customer service teams) and externally.


  • Cultural Fit: WorldRemit is deeply proud of its goal to disrupt an incumbent industry, create commercial success and fulfil a broader social mission. The company is known for its low ego culture, and its high intellectual bar. This hire will bring exceptional subject matter expertise and judgement to the role and have natural gravitas in high-level discussions.