Accounting Section Manager

  • De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Jul 28, 2017
Full time Accounting General Business Management

Job Description

As manager of the accounting section, you are responsible for combining the execution of financial processes, project-driven change management and policy issues. You have an important guiding and coaching role in the need to respond to developments in the field of accounting (changes in standards, increasingly stringent audit requirements) and the further digitization of invoicing processes. You will be responsible for implementation of projects for the introduction of new financial instruments and portfolios under management reserve. Cooperation with internal and external parties is an important part of the function.

Content of the function

You will lead three teams to a total of approximately 23 FTEs: Accounting, Business Administration and Policy. Reporting is responsible for internal and external financial reporting DNB (remember the accounts DNB reporting to the ECB), Business Administration for the whole company and payroll DNB and policy for all policy matters concerning reporting (including within the ESCB) and the Tax Control Framework. 

In this role you will be responsible for:

  • Leading the 23 employees of accounting, including two team coordinators
  • Ensuring the smooth running of all financial reporting processes (including daily balance sheet ECB monthly and quarterly reports, annual accounts DNB and five other entities).
  • Ensure a perfect performance of the company and salary (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset management, expenses, payments).
  • Active cooperation with the divisions and Financial Markets Payments under chain-wide projects, both monetary and non-monetary activities have a significant impact on the balance sheet (year-end 2016: approximately EUR 300 bn).
  • Active participation in international consultations Accounting and Monetary Income Committee of the ESCB.
  • Ensuring tax compliant DNB and a widely supported and implemented Tax Control Framework.
  • Continuous coordination with internal and external audit but also with the tax authorities. 

Job requirements

You have good judgment, you send on results and behavior and you have a strong personality that you can use effectively. Quality is important to you, as a leader you are coaching and team oriented. You have a good conceptual and policy insight. You are alert to developments in internal and external environment and you are always looking for opportunities for improvement. 

  • Academic working and thinking and at least 3 to 5 years of management experience.
  • Prudential training, with an RA or RC is definitely a plus.
  • Knowledge of and experience with complex financial accounting processes and systems and the (internal and external) monitored.
  • Knowledge of and experience with business and administrative processes (internal and external) monitored.
  • Being able to see the whole playing field of financial reporting and initiate change processes.
  • Operate both policy and operational objectives and substantiation of (new) activities. 

Company Profile

The accounting section is part of the Department of Finance and Advisory (F & A), including the sections Business & control organization and Purchasing fall. The F & A department is also responsible for the coordination of information management, information security and business continuity management within DNB. 

More information

Barend van Amerongen, department manager F & A, 020 524 3552.
Sietske Trompert, HR consultant, 020 524 2676. 

working conditions

We want to get the best out of our people, and thus give the best. We strive for a good balance between work and private life for all our employees. We offer a good salary and a modern, flexible benefits package. You get a year contract - depending on functioning and otherwise unchanged (organizational) conditions - views continuation. 

  • The annual salary is made up of 13 months of salary, and 8% holiday calculated over 13 months.
  • Pension accrual based on average with conditional indexation contribution towards the premium 6.1%.
  • DNB has a 36-hour week, with the possibility - depending on your work - to work flexibly.
  • DNB is located in the center of Amsterdam and easily accessible by public transport.
  • DNB is a leader in the field of knowledge. It is important that our employees continue to develop. Not only to make sure you stay up to date professionally, but also to stimulate your talents and skills. That's why we offer ongoing opportunities to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. 


If we receive application like appearance June 1, 2017 a letter of motivation and a complete resume.

The procedure includes a comprehensive background checks, and an assessment center. Online screening, for example, through search engines and social networks, can be part of the selection process.